Kim Min-jae Transferred to Munich at a Bargain Price, 60 Billion Ultra-Special Discount Sale

How happy would I be to recruit a world-class defender for just 60 billion won.

Fabrizio Romaro, a reporter who works in the British “Guardian” and is known as an expert in the European transfer market, reported on his personal SNS on the 7th that Napoli President Aurelio de laurentis’ remarks related to Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee.

“The actual transfer fee for Kim Min-jae that we received from Munich is 42 million euros about 60 billion won, which is not the 57 million euros about 81.6 billion won reported by some media outlets. We knew Kim would leave the club last summer. That was clear,” Napoli President Laurence said.

The popularly known transfer fee for Kim Min-jae is originally 50 million euros about 71.6 billion won. Kim Min-jae added a buyout clause when he moved to Naples, because it was reported that the amount was 50 million euros. Reporter Romano, who was very interested in Kim Min-jae’s transfer, also said in July, “Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Munich will be announced in a few days. The buyout clause was triggered yesterday,” and Munich said it had invoked the buyout clause to take Kim Min-jae.

It was evaluated that 50 million euros was also small for Kim Min-jae’s ransom. After the 2022-23 season ended, Kim Min-jae’s ransom soared to 60 million euros about 85.7 billion won based on the soccer statistics media “Transfer Markt.” In general, a player’s transfer fee is more expensive than the ransom unless the free agent or contract period is less than one year left.

If there was no buyout clause between Napoli and Kim Min-jae, a transfer fee of at least 60 million euros would have been required to recruit Kim Min-jae. That’s why it was estimated that 50 million euros was also cheap at the time of the transfer.

Surprisingly, Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee was 42 million euros, not 50 million euros. Davinson Sanchez, a former Tottenham transfer record, is a center back who recorded a transfer fee of 42 million euros. Centerbacks who have moved to big European clubs such as Juul’s Kounde, Christian Romero, and Lisandro Martinez, who have relatively recently moved, have basically recorded more than 50 million euros in transfer fees.

Munich has made a very reasonable recruitment by taking Italy’s Serie A best defender to 22nd place in the 2023 Ballon d’Or for just 42 million euros. 토토사이트