KIA Batting Line-up, Seven Consecutive Games Of Death That Will Be a Crisis In The 5th Round

The 2023 KBO League KIA Tigers and KT Wiz match was held at Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 24th. KIA Choi Hyung-woo is falling after colliding with KT Park Byung-ho while heading to first base after hitting in the bottom of the seventh inning.

KIA Tigers are making a last-minute all-out effort for the fall baseball.

I met another huge negative factor in just five days. Choi Hyung-woo, a veteran of the team’s absolute existence, left due to a fracture in his left collarbone.

In the 12th game of this season against the KT Wiz held at Champions Field in Gwangju on Sunday, Choi hit a grounder in front of the second base during an attack in the bottom of the seventh inning, and while sprinting to the first base, he tripped over the foot of first baseman Park Byung-ho and hit his shoulder on the ground. He was immediately taken to the hospital in great pain. Diagnosed left collarbone fracture according to examination. In a situation where Na Sung-beom was virtually out of the season due to a right hamstring injury while running against KT Wiz on the 19th, the news was like a bolt out of the blue.

KIA’s Park Chan-ho is also not playing normally due to ligament damage in his finger. Choi Won-jun was also called up for the Asian Games on the 23rd and was away. The 3rd and 4th center of the lineup disappeared. The biggest challenge for KIA, which has been hitting the bottom with 1 win and 9 losses in the last 10 games.

a desperate situation in which the batting line has been destroyed. Among them, they will play seven consecutive games of death this week. It’s a week to gauge whether they want to advance to the fifth round.

Four consecutive games, including a doubleheader against the NC Dinos → Kiwoom Heroes → SSG Landers 2 consecutive games.

He will meet Eric Peddy, the league’s best pitcher, from the game against Changwon NC on the 26th, the first game of the seven consecutive games.

Peddy, who won his 19th win of the season with six innings and one hit and no run against Doosan on the 19th, was originally able to take the mound against Doosan in Changwon on the 24th. An opposing pitcher that any team wants to avoid to the extent that even Yang Eui-ji, the top batter, cared about whether to take the mound or not.

Peddy’s meeting with KIA took place as he chose to take an additional break.

The 2023 KBO League KIA Tigers and NC Dinos match was held at Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 31st. NC Peddy is giving up a timely hit to Kim Sun-bin with one out and the bases loaded in the bottom of the third inning.

NC manager Kang In-kwon said on the 23rd, “It’s not because the KIA match is strong. He explained that the number of innings was also full, and he expressed his intention that it would be good to take another day off and take the mound.”

For Peddy, this match against KIA is a revenge match and a challenge for 20 wins in the ‘MVP Certification Mark’.

In the match against KIA in Gwangju on August 31, he became a losing pitcher by allowing seven runs with eight hits and three walks in three innings. The trusted ace collapsed and the team also lost 3-13. 스포츠중계

It was the worst game of this season’s “minimum innings-most runs.” The ERA increased from 1.97 to 2.39. He almost lost the first place in ERA.

But Peddy was strong.

Since then, he has lowered his ERA to 2.13 with one run in 21 ⅓ innings in three games in September, reviving hopes for an ERA in the one-run average.

Against KIA, whose batting line has become loose, it is about to set a bridgehead for its long-awaited 20th win and one-point ERA.

The 2023 KBO League KIA Tigers and NC Dinos match was held at Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 31st. KIA Kim Tae-gun is hitting a timely two-run reversal with one out and the bases loaded in the bottom of the third inning.

For KIA, although a large number of main hitters were missing, it has to revive its ecstatic memory 26 days ago.

If you cross the pedi without Na Sung-beom and Choi Hyung-woo, you can unite with confidence that you can do it.

Seven consecutive games of death could be seven consecutive games of hope. No one knows baseball.

The most desperate moment can sometimes be the beginning of hope.

So is life, and baseball that resembles him. Therefore, it is forbidden to give up both living and baseball in advance. No matter how hard it is, you have to live your life, and no matter how hard it is, you have to play baseball as best as you can. That’s like the KIA Tigers, a professional and “most wins.”