KFA Power Enhancement Committee to Turn to Temporary Coach

It was impossible for him to appoint an official coach after all. He has agreed to focus on finding a temporary coach to lead the team to two consecutive games against Thailand.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) Power Enhancement Committee held the second meeting of the power enhancement committee at the Korea Football Association (KFA) located in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 24th. The KFA informed in advance, “Please refrain from entering the field as media work (sketch, briefing on results, press release, etc.) is not private from the second meeting.”

At the first meeting, the newly appointed chairman of the committee, Jeong Hae-sung, agreed to appoint an official coach. With coach Jurgen Klinsmann replaced, the team has to play the second qualifying round of the 2026 FIFA North-Central American World Cup against Thailand on March 21, and he said he would appoint an official coach instead of an interim one and take charge of future games. He also said that the list of candidates will be selected from the second meeting.

Criticism was focused on the overly urgent power reinforcement committee. Since most leagues are held in the fall season and major competitions are over in the summer, it was almost impossible to appoint an official foreign coach unless it was already selected. It makes no sense to bring in an incumbent coach at a time when the K-League is just around the corner, but the prevailing opinion in the soccer community was that they were picking a specific coach.

The conclusion of the committee’s shortsightedness was criticized, and voices of criticism came out one after the other. K-League fans protested, and there was also a conflicting part in which they said they would leave both domestic and overseas coaches open, sparking criticism within the soccer community. Criticism was mounting as it seemed to repeat the same mistake even after seeing Klinsmann’s case just before.

The power-enhancing committee has taken a wrong turn. At the second round of the meeting that took place on Monday, they reportedly agreed to seek an interim coach to take charge of Thailand’s two consecutive games. They reportedly agreed that there is no need to hurry at a time when there is not much time left until the A-match in March, and agreed to appoint an interim coach and then have some time later to appoint an official coach. Candidates will be mentioned in earnest at the third round of the meeting.

It is encouraging to make rational and realistic choices. Now, there will be a lot of interest in who becomes the temporary coach. It is right to bring in a coach who is taking a break, but there is also a possibility of appointing a coach at the same time. Since a foreign coach is absolutely impossible, it is of utmost interest to see which of the domestic coaches will take charge of only two consecutive games against Thailand. Since the appointment must be made unconditionally in the first week of March, the power strengthening committee should have a busy meeting and search quickly. 스포츠토토