Jeon Seong-hyeon of the 10th basketball team, Sono Ace, becomes a public relations ambassador for Goyang City

Jeon Sung-hyun (32), a shooter of the newly born professional basketball Goyang Sono Sky Gunners, is planning to promote Goyang City, his hometown.

According to News 1 coverage on the 25th, Jeon Sung-hyun recently received a proposal from Goyang City for a public relations ambassador and decided to accept it.

Goyang Mayor’s final approval has not yet been made, but an official announcement is expected soon as both the city and the player have positively communicated about the appointment of a goodwill ambassador.

Jeon Sung-hyun is currently a three-point shooter representing the Korea Basketball Federation (KBL). After joining Anyang KGC in 2013, he grew up as a national team member and signed a free agent (FA) contract with Goyang Day One last year and moved the team.

Jeon Sung-hyun was active for the first time during the season, writing a successful record of 76 consecutive three-point shots, leaving behind concerns that he would not be able to show as much performance as before in Day One, where the players are thin. 스포츠토토

He averaged 17.6 points in the regular season and scored 3.42 3-pointers with a 37.5 percent success rate.

In the average number of three-point shots, she beat Omari Spelman (KGC, 2.76), and ranked first, consistently being mentioned as the successor of Moon Kyung-eun (currently head of KBL’s game division).

At the end of the season, he suffered from ear pain, tinnitus, and dizziness due to injuries, but he also contributed to the semifinals by claiming to play in the semi-finals.

Since then, Day One has taken steps to disband due to financial difficulties of the parent group, and the relationship between Jeon Sung-hyun and Goyang City has been continued as Daemyung Sono Group recently established a new team based in Goyang City and takes over Day One’s team.

Goyang City, which will host a new basketball team following Orion and Day One, plans to support the Sono club in the future and strive to enhance the city’s image.

Goyang City expects Sono’s star Jeon Sung-hyun’s appointment as a goodwill ambassador will also have a positive effect as he has long maintained a good relationship after appointing Jang Mi-ran (currently the second vice minister of culture, sports and tourism) as a goodwill ambassador. Jeon Sung-hyun’s newlywed house, which was married last month, is also in Goyang City.

Jeon Sung-hyun said in a telephone interview with News 1, “It has not been finalized yet, but it is true that the process of appointing a goodwill ambassador is underway,” adding, “I am very grateful to both the club and Goyang City.” If I become an ambassador in the end, I will actively work. “I will also make sure to raise the team’s performance to enhance Goyang City’s status,” he vowed.