“It’s definitely a different level, it’s real”

“It’s definitely a different level. It really is. The feel for pitching, the mechanics of pitching.”

Since 2004, the 39-year-old left-hander has pitched in 1004 games with 197 saves and 145 holds (64 wins and 47 losses). For pitching coach Jung Woo-ram, left-hander Hwang Jun-seo (19) was very special. He reminded Jung of Moon Dong-ju (21), who joined the team in 2022, played a year and became a starting pitcher for the national team.

“Moon Dong-ju, who came in as the first pick, grew into the national team because he had different qualities. It’s not just me, but everyone feels that Hwang Jun-seo is different from his peers.”

Two foreign pitchers, Felix Peña and Ricardo Sanchez, with Kim Min-woo and Moon Dong-ju. Aiming for a top-five finish in 2024, Hanwha’s 1-4 picks are assured. 카지노사이트 Four to five players will compete for the fifth spot, from high school rookie Hwang Jun-seo to veterans Lee Tae-yang (34) and Jang Min-jae (34). It’s surprising that a 19-year-old high school rookie is a candidate, and even more surprising that he’s the favorite.

The Jangchung High School alumnus has been training at Seosan’s secondary ballpark since December after returning home from a fall camp in Miyazaki, Japan. He is continuing to prepare for his departure for spring camp in Australia on March 30. The coaching staff, including Future Team Manager Lee Dae-jin and Preparation Coach Jung Woo-ram, are guiding the player.

Praise is pouring in before he even makes his debut.

He showed a lot of impressive things in the final camp and on the second team training field. He was the first overall pick in the first round, so the expectations are even higher. Hanwha has had the top rookie pitcher in the rookie draft for the past three years. Prior to Hwang, they took Moon Dong-ju in 2022 and Kim Seo-hyun in 2023.

In his rookie season, Hwang could be a fifth starter alongside the seniors to gain experience. If he establishes himself as a starter, the other candidates can be utilized as intermediate pitchers. They can bring depth. Last year, Hanwha finished eighth overall with a team ERA of 4.38.

Team senior, teammate, and coach Jung Woo-ram is very high on the 20-year-old.

“He has a good pitching mechanics even though his physique is not complete. He seems to have the ability to solve the game. He seems to be able to control himself on the mound at a young age.” Hwang continues to stand tall.

He has a powerful fastball and a competitive changeup, including a forkball.

His delivery is stable and not easily shaken. His calm demeanor allows him to keep his cool and stay in the game. He has almost all the qualities you need in a starting pitcher. He’s more of a complete pitcher.

“He has good flexibility and doesn’t need much work. Now, I think it’s important to be meticulous. As I adapt to the professional game, I will work on my deficiencies.”

Even if you start the season as a first-team starter, you’re bound to experience limitations at some point. It’s a fitness issue that all rookies face. 온라인카지노사이트 He knows this well. In high school, you could space out your pitches to match the competition, but in the pros, you have to play constantly. This can lead to a slump.

The attention from fans can be both encouraging and overwhelming. But don’t worry about it in advance. It’s just a rite of passage that you have to overcome.

If Moon Dong-ju and Hwang Jun-seo can play, Hanwha will be a force to be reckoned with.