“I will help you reproduce the dynasty”Samsung Yook Seon-yeop dreams of becoming a‘fastball selection’

“I already have high expectations because I want to learn a lot from Oh Seung-hwan.”

Following David Buchanan, Choi Choong-yeon, and Choi Ha-neul, another “190cm tall” lion is expected to appear. It is about right-hander Yuk Sun-yeop, a third-year student at Jangchung High School who joined the Samsung Lions as the youngest.

Samsung nominated Yuk Sun-yeop as the fourth overall pick in the first round through the “2024 KBO Rookie Draft” on September 14. Born in 2005, Yuk Seon-yeop boasts a strong physique of 190cm and 90kg.

Samsung said, “In addition to Yuk Sun-yeop’s tall physique, he has an excellent attitude toward baseball.”

Yuk Sun-yeop who represented South Korea at the 31st WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup in Taichung, Taiwan, in early September
Yuk Sun-yeop pitched 21.2 innings in 12 official high school baseball games this year, recording 2 wins, 0 losses, 0 home runs, 10 walks, 33 strikeouts, and a 0.41 ERA. In early September, he was selected for the youth baseball team and played at the 31st WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup in Taichung, Taiwan.

Yuk Sun-yeop, who wore the Taegeuk mark, was in charge of the youth national team mound along with Kim Taek-yeon (Incheon High School, Doosan First Round) and Hwang Joon-seo (Jang Chung-go, Hanwha First Round). The cumulative total of the three innings (38.1) accounted for 64% of the national team’s pitchers.

As such, Yuk Sun-yeop, who was in charge of one axis of the mound, started both against the Netherlands (3-1 victory) and against Australia (3-0 victory) and gave up only one run in 10 innings, contributing greatly to the Korean national team’s bronze medal (3rd place).

At the time of his nomination on the 14th, Hong Joon-hak, head of Samsung, said, “Not only is he in good shape and ball power, but Yuk Sun-yeop has a fierce attitude toward baseball. I hope he will establish himself as a starting pitcher within the next three years based on such a work ethic,” he said.

Even after the nomination event, Samsung emphasized, “He is a player with all the conditions to grow into a starting pitcher, including stamina, from his fastball and breaking ball skills.”

Yuk Sun-yeop, who met Sports Chunchu that day, said, “I slept well as usual the day before the draft. Rather than being nervous, I was excited at the thought of ‘finally’.”

Meanwhile, seven Jangchung High School players, including Yuk Sun-yeop, were selected by professional clubs in the draft. As a result, Jangchung High School produced the most professional players on the day.

“I wanted my friends to be nominated as many as possible, but there were seven including me. I’m so happy as if it’s my job. I think my hard work has finally paid off. However, friendship is friendship and professional is professional. If you want to compete with me on the mound, you’ll have to be so determined.”

Yuk Sun-yeop gently smiled and heralded a “world of cold competition.”

Yuk Sun-yeop, who dreams of being a “straightforward selection,” said, “I’ll be the main character of the Samsung Dynasty.”

Yuk Sun-yeop of Jangchung High School before the draft event on September 14 (Photo = Reporter Kim Jong-won of Sports Spring and Autumn)
Yuk Sun-yeop said, “My strength is a fastball that comes out more than 150km/h. However, he introduced himself, saying, “I am just as confident in my ability to control, breaking balls, and mentality.”

There is one thing that Yuk Sun-yeop covets after joining Samsung. It is the “straightforwardness” thrown by the Korean baseball legend Choi Jung.

Samsung veteran Oh Seung-hwan has defended the Daegu mound for more than 10 years with an overwhelming fastball. This is why Yuk Sun-yeop chose Oh Seung-hwan as his role model.

“I want to learn a lot from Oh Seung-hwan,” said Yuk Sun-yeop. Among them, I am most greedy about fastball. Above all, I want to have a heavy pitch. I need to be more advanced than I am now.”

This is not the end. Rookie, who has just stepped up to the professional stage, wants more.

“If I have a chance, I will keep asking about fastball and make such know-how mine.” I’m confident in my physical strength. I want to be a player who can easily throw more than 100 strong fastballs. I often dream of myself growing up as Samsung’s ‘straightforward selection’ in the distant future.” This is the wish of Yuk Sun-yeop.

The mound that Yuk Sun-yeop will climb in the future is Daegu Samsung Lions Park, his home stadium. Yuk Sun-yeop, who has high expectations for his new home “Lapak,” said, “(I have never been to Lions Park) yet. He said, “I will be reborn as the main character of the ‘Samsung Dynasty’ to be reproduced there.”

What kind of player will Yook Sun-yeop grow into in the next 10 years. The competitor himself says.

“When I stand on the mound, I am a player who makes people believe that I will win unconditionally,” that is my goal. Skills are skills, but I will also care about having personality. I want to be remembered as a passionate player in ‘fan service’.” 스포츠토토