Humiliating 30 consecutive losses in VNL

I miss three years ago.

The Korean women’s volleyball team, led by Fernando Morales, was completely defeated by a set score of 0-3 13-25, 19-25, 20-25 in the first week of the 2024 International Volleyball Federation FIVB Volleyball Nations League VNL at Maracaranginho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 19th .

30 consecutive losses in VNL. The losing streak, which has been going on since the end of the 2021 tournament, continues from 2022 and 2023 to 2024.

The team has displayed impressive performance. Throughout the three games, the team has failed to bring even a single set. Korea is the only team that has failed to bring even a set in the competition.

In addition, it is difficult to score more than 20 points in the set. In the first match against China, he recorded 15 points in the first set, 16 points in the second set, and 14 points in the third set, while in the second match against Brazil, he only had 15 points in the first set, 19 points in the second set, and 17 points in the third set. In the third match against the Dominican Republic, he also scored 13 points in the first set and 19 points in the second set, before surpassing 20 points for the first time in the third set.

The index is also lagging behind China in attack score 20-44, blocking 6-12, and sub 4-6. However, the team had a slight advantage in errors, 13-15. Against Brazil, the team lost to an attack score of 25-48, blocking 4-11, and sub 1-4. There was no difference in the game against the Dominican Republic. The score was 32-44, blocking 4-5, sub 3-8, and error in error, 18-13. 스포츠토토

Morales took the helm after Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez, but he has yet to see the effect of replacing the coach.

“It’s not just one problem. There is something we need to improve tactically and strategically,” Morales said after taking the helm. “We need to raise the world ranking. We are ranked in the top 40. Given our players’ skills, we can be in a better position. We need to perform better in Asian Games and other games,” he said, but his performance has yet to meet expectations.

Kim Yeon-koung Heungkuk Life Insurance, Yang Hyo-jin Hyundai Engineering & Construction, and Kim Soo-ji Heungkuk Life Insurance, who are always mentioned, have yet to be replaced. In particular, ace and captain Park Jung-ah Pepper Savings Bank has never scored in double digits.

Korea’s FIVB ranking has dropped to 43rd place. The more matches are played, the lower the ranking is going.

What’s more problematic is that this is not the end. If the current situation continues, the ranking could continue to decline. Korea is already lagging behind China 6th, Japan 8th, Thailand 13th, Kazakhstan 33rd and Vietnam 39th. Now, Korea is also on the verge of falling behind Taiwan 44th.

Korea will play its last match of the first week against Thailand at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Will the team be able to create an opportunity to turn the tide.