Sono FA is not over yet, two-year contract with Hong Kyung-kyung

Sono, who has been widely active in the free agent FA market, has reinforced Lee Jung-hyun’s backup this time. He signed a two-year contract with FA guard Hong Kyung-gi.

Sono said on the 20th, “We have completed the recruitment of the FA for a total of 60 million won no incentive in the first year of the two-year contract with guard Hong Kyung-gi 35, who has forgotten his age.”

Sono, who had only recruited forwards as FA from Jung Hee-jae, Choi Seung-wook, Lim Dong-seop and Kim Young-hoon since the 16th, even strengthened his guard’s power by signing a contract with Hong Kyung-gi.

Hong was selected as the 10th pick in the second round in 2011 by Anyang KGC 現, Anyang Jeonggwanjang, but made his KBL debut in Wonju DB. Before signing a contract with Sono, he wore uniforms for seven teams, and repeated his retirement and return twice, continuing his active career like a rockfish with his indomitable will.

Sono Kim Seung-ki said, “He was an impressive player who still played hustle as a veteran last season,” adding, “It will be a good stimulus for young players and revitalize them in attack.”

Since his debut, Hong has played in 179 games over the past nine seasons, averaging 10 minutes and 37 seconds, 3.5 points on average, and 34.8% on three-point shooting success rate, especially in the last three seasons.

In addition, Hong played 531 minutes last season and played the most time since his professional debut, achieving career high with a three-point shooting success rate 38.2%, rebound 1.3, and assist 1.5.

“My goal is for my team to win the title before I retire,” Hong said. “I think I can do it without fail under coach Kim Seung-ki’s guidance. As a member of Sono, I will do my best to become a key player in archery basketball.” 스포츠토토티비