Hong Hyun-seok’s Injury, Park Jin-Seop’s Replacement

The first Taegeuk mark, the Asian Games gold medal, and then the A national team. The story of Park Jin-seop’s human victory is still being serialized.

The Korea Football Association reported on the 16th about the selection of substitute players. “Hong Hyun-seok (KAA Hent) was excluded due to injury, and Park Jin-seop (Jeonbuk Hyundai) was selected as a substitute,” he said. “Hong Hyun-seok felt uncomfortable in his left shin before official training, so after a hospital visit test, he was diagnosed with a fine fatigue fracture in his left tibia,” he said.

“Although it is not a serious injury that can be exercised, the medical team decided to exclude it from giving rest to prevent bigger injuries due to the judgment of the medical team that early management is important. “We are scheduled to release the team after observing the match against Singapore, and Park Jin-seop has completed joining the national team on the 15th.”

Hong Hyun-seok has been used since Jurgen Klinsmann came. Hong Hyun-seok, a talent raised by Hyundai High School, joined LASK through SpVg Unter Hahing and FC Unios OO, and showed good performance and joined prestigious Belgian Hent. He played a key role in Hent and impressed in the Belgian league and the UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL). Park Ji-sung and Lee Jae-sung’s strengths have drawn attention as next-generation national team resources.

Hong Hyun-seok, who caught the eye of coach Klinsmann, joined the final list of the Hangzhou Asian Games led by coach Hwang Sun-hong. He played a great role in the midfield and helped him win the gold medal. Hong Hyun-seok, who also joined the national team, said, “I watched the final qualifying round and the second qualifying round of the World Cup only on broadcast, but I think it’s different because I have a chance to play in person this time. It is more important than the warm-up match, and I think we should focus a little more because each mistake has a more direct impact on the victory and outcome. It’s not that hard. I’m a little tired, but I think older brothers like (Son) Heung-min and (Kim) Min-jae feel great. I think I’m okay because I’m still young (laughs),” he said, expressing his ambition.

Minor discomfort occurred in training after the interview. The team training was also carried out normally, so it didn’t seem to be a big problem, but the condition was not as good as expected. Eventually, the injury was confirmed and Hong Hyun-suk left.

Instead, Park Jin-seop was selected. Park Jin-seop was born in 1995 and started his professional career in Daejeon Korail in 2017 before coming to Ansan Greeners in 2018. Both center backs and defensive midfielders are possible and have received good reviews for their physical and passing abilities. In 2020, he went to Daejeon Hana Citizen and increased his value by playing as a starting player. He has played for Jeonbuk Hyundai since 2022. It was key in Jeonbuk, the strongest team in the K League 1. He showed stability as he was in charge of the rear with his combative appearance, and drew attention with his accurate and sharp pass even in the build-up situation. His advancement and set piece presence were also great. In recognition of his performance, he was named the 2022 K League 1 Best Eleven. This season, he is playing a reliable man behind Jeonbuk as he moves between center back and defensive midfielder.

He was a player who could go to the national team, but he had no connection. He did not receive attention as a child as a late bloomer and did not make his name widely known to the public until he was in his late 20s. He had no connection with the league’s best player or national team, and he also fell to Gimcheon Sangmu one after another, swallowing regret. Meanwhile, he was selected as a wild card at the Asian Games and wore his first Taegeuk mark.

At the time, Park Jin-seop said, “It’s my first time to be in an honorable position as a national team while playing soccer, and it’s a great honor. I thank the director for trusting me. I’m determined to prepare hard and well, he said. “If there’s no pressure, it’s a lie. However, I think (Baek) Seung-ho and (Seol) Young-woo are doing well in the league, and the players are all preparing well, so I think they can perform well. I think I should lead the players well because I am the oldest in the national team. Since the position of a wild card is an important position, I think I pay a lot of attention to that,” he said, expressing his responsibility as a wild card.

Park Jin-seop was the best at the Asian Games. Lee Han-beom and his defense showed solid performance. As a leader, you lead the back and motivate your juniors He made a brilliant contribution to the Asian Games gold medal. Even if Jung Woo-young, Cho Young-wook, and Eom Won-sang scored a lot of goals, Park Jin-seop was evaluated to have played the most decisive role as a team.

Park Jin-seop, who solved the military problem by winning the gold medal, returned to Jeonbuk and continued his performance and was now selected for the A national team. Park Jin-seop is a midfielder and defender, so multi-functional that he was included in the best Eleven of the K League season, and the competition is the best in the K League. As he showed at the Asian Games, he has excellent leadership and has a considerable experience throughout his experience is considerable experience. Looks competitive enough in the national team. This means that he can be used in the future, not just as a substitute.

Meanwhile, ahead of the Singapore match, Klinsmann said on the 15th, “It’s a very important day. It is the day when the World Cup qualifiers begin. It’s the beginning of a long journey. We need to get off to a good start,” he said, stressing his victory, but added, “I know that many test takers in Korea will take the CSAT tomorrow. I and Son Heung-min wish the test takers good luck. I hope you do well on the test and enjoy our game in the afternoon,” he said, showing care even for the test takers.

“I don’t think (Singapore) is a weak country. I went to Singapore and watched a professional team match in person and watched a match that beat a strong Korean team. Such a result seems to be a warning to the national team. We need to prepare carefully for tomorrow’s game. He confirmed that he has the ability to score on set pieces or counterattacks. The analysis of players has also been completed. I’ve finished what I can do on the coaching staff. “We welcome Singapore, but we will play the game seriously,” he said, confirming his ambition for victory.

Son Heung-min also said, “The World Cup journey is a long one. You can’t just go on good roads. There will be times when you go to the thorny road on the way. In that case, experienced players should protect it well. I wish I could go well. I want to do something better than what I did. It is a team that can and can do better than the last second and final qualifying rounds. I want to prepare well,” he said, hoping for a happy journey as a captain.

Regarding the opinion that Singapore is a weak team, he said, “I played against the Singapore team (Ryan City) in the pre-season and only played in the first half, but I drew 1-1. At that time, Tottenham must have had many reasons because it was in a situation where it was generally up, but it finished 1-1 so you have to be careful. I thought there were threatening players playing. We have to be careful too. “It’s a game where you have to perform the basics that the coach is talking about,” he said, expressing his opinion that he would never let his guard down.

This match also draws attention to Song Eui-young, a Korean player naturalized to Singapore. Son Heung-min said, “I haven’t talked to the players a lot. As I played with Hwang Hee-chan before the national team call-up, he was an opponent to me. At that time. He was not even a close brother, but a threatening opponent. To me, he is the player of the opposing team. I respect the player too, but I hope he doesn’t do well in the game. It’s because I’m Korean,” he said.

Finally, Son Heung-min carefully delivered a message to his fans.”If you put down all the defense, it’s not easy to face any team. Creating chances early and succeeding early makes the difference that makes the game uncomfortable. The match against Vietnam was a plus factor, he said. “Every game meets different environments, systems, and opponents differently. Even if the same situation comes out, there are many options. “We will have to play a game to see how Singapore will come out tomorrow, but it will be a different aspect,” he said, adding that there may be a different trend from the match against Vietnam.

So, Son Heung-min said, “It is important for the players to be responsible, be vigilant, and play seriously.” I want to make the game comfortable by creating a chance at the beginning of the game. Then you can even aim for a lot of points because you believe in the team’s ability. I hope you know that it is not easy for any team to penetrate if they work hard in defense, and that the players are also analyzing and studying,” he said in a message to fans. 토토사이트