Hangzhou AG men’s volleyball team confirmed…

The men’s volleyball roster for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games has been finalized.

The Korean Volleyball Association announced the 12-member roster on its website on Tuesday.

Veteran setters Han Se-u (Korean Air) and Hwang Taek-ui (National Armed Forces Games) have been selected to orchestrate the team’s offense.

The outside hitters are Jeong Ji-seok, Jeong Jung-yong (Korean Air), Na Kyung-bok (Ministry of Defense), and Jeon Kwang-in (Hyundai Capital).

Heo Su-bong (Hyundai Capital) and Lim Dong-hyuk (Korean Air) will be the apogee spikers, while Kim Min-jae, Kim Kyu-min (Korean Air) and Kim Jun-woo (Samsung Fire) will be the middle blockers. Libero Park Kyung-min (Hyundai Capital) will be in charge of defense.

“The team was finalized through the Performance Improvement Committee on Sept. 29, and the 12 players will join the national team in Jincheon on Sept. 31 for training before leaving for Hangzhou on Sept. 16,” said a volleyball association official.

Standouts include veteran setter Han and middle blocker Kim Jun-woo. Both players did not compete at the 2023 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship.

After the tournament, the national team reviewed the fitness and performance of the existing players and those on the shortlist and made some changes.

“The Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship was a tournament where we had to give young players a chance, and the Asian Games is a tournament where we have to produce results,” national coach Lim Do-heon told Yonhap News Agency. “We selected Han because he has been managing his knee condition well.”

“We also wanted to select veteran middle blockers such as Choi Min-ho (Hyundai Capital) and Shin Young-seok (KEPCO), but we had no choice due to injuries,” Lim said. “We selected Kim Jun-woo because he is short (195 centimeters) but has a good jumping power and excellent two-step ball handling ability.”

“We are preparing for three practice matches with a professional team at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village,” Lim added, “and we will definitely achieve good results at the Asian Games as we have gathered excellent players.”

Meanwhile, the Korean Volleyball Association submitted its 12-player roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games to the organizing committee last month through the Korean Sports Federation.

Middle blocker Kim Jun-woo was reportedly not included in the roster.

“Injured players can be replaced,” an official from the Korean Volleyball Association said, adding, “Through the replacement process, we will be able to participate in the competition without any problems.” 먹튀검증