Final goal, Quarterfinals And Runner-up’ Nam Tae-hee

“There is nothing second to Japan. Of course, it will be burdensome, but as much as you prepare, the results follow.”

Nam Tae-hee Yokohama Marinos, the 2012 London Olympics bronze medal and the runner-up member of the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia, met with Lee at a cafe in Doha, Qatar on the 13th and sent a message of support to the Korean national soccer team for the 2023 Asian Football Confederation AFC Qatar Asian Cup.

Nam left Qatar where he had been for 11 years and moved to Yokohama Japan in August last year. “I was worried because it was my first time in Japan. I thought it would be difficult to adjust, but the atmosphere was so nice. I’m enjoying my time getting used to it,” Nam said while taking a vacation in Qatar.

Nam Tae-hee was the runner-up at the 2015 Australian Championship. She scored the winning goal in the second group match against Kuwait, helping her team advance to the quarterfinals. She started in the final match against Australia, but lost 1-2, and was satisfied with the runner-up.

“It’s a shame that I was replaced in the second half because I didn’t score a goal in the final and my performance was minimal,” he said, recalling the time. “I’m always grateful when I think about the national team. The national team has always been my motivation. I have fond memories of playing soccer with good players.”

Nam Tae-hee, who has high-quality dribbling skills, took on the role of play-making for the national team, but several things overlapped, including injuries.

He was often listed on the list of Asian qualifiers and final qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, but he became increasingly distant from the national flag. Nevertheless, he was sincerely rooting for his players as a member of the national team.

“Asian tiger” Korea is mentioned as a candidate to win the Asian Cup. Naturally, there can be pressure. “Of course there is pressure. In Asia, such pressure always exists. However, you just do your best under a given circumstance, and the more you prepare, the more results you have, the better you will get,” Nam said.

“Honestly, I don’t have too much worries about the national team right now. All the players take good care of themselves. They also do their best in preparing for the event. All the players are doing really well in their respective teams. Japan is also good, but Korea is nothing to be left behind. There are many experienced players. In particular, Son Heung-min, Kim Young-kwon, and the young Kang-in are also in a good time. I expect Korea to win the title. There are many players I want to see, but I will cheer for them from outside,” he stressed. 스포츠토토사이트