Curry’s 3-point shooting is broken

Golden State’s performance plummeted with zero 3-pointers for the second time in the season against Toronto.

Golden State’s performance plummeted with zero 3-pointers for the second time in the season against Toronto.

As ‘3-point shooting master’ Stephen Curry (pictured) continues to slump, the performance of his team, Golden State, is also falling.

Curry threw 9 3-point shots in the 2023-2024 NBA home game against Toronto on the 8th, but all failed. His score on this day was only 9 points. Since 2018, Curry has made 3-pointers in 268 consecutive games, the most in NBA history, over a period of about 5 years and 1 month. However, his streak was halted when all eight 3-point shots he threw missed the rim in a game against Portland on December 18 last year, and he had his second ‘zero 3-point shot’ game of the season on the 8th. Golden State lost to Toronto 118-133.

This season, Curry has made an average of 4.6 3-point shots per game as of the 9th, ranking first in this category. The problem is that the downward trend is clear. Curry, who averaged 6 3-pointers per game in October of last year when the 2023-2024 season opened, tied for first place monthly with Luka Doncic (Dallas), maintained first place (4.8) in November. However, it fell to 4th place (4.2 points) in December last year, and fell to tied 23rd place (3.3 points) this month. The 3-point shooting success rate was 47.1% in October last year, but is only 31.0% this month.

Since the 3-point shot is not working, the scoring ability is also decreasing. Curry averaged 33.5 points in October last year, ranking second in the league in scoring. However, in December, he averaged only 24.5 points and fell to 27th place. As of January this year, the average score was only 25.3 points (18th). 카지노사이트

As the team’s ace Curry’s slump continues, Golden State’s ranking is plummeting. Golden State was in second place in the Western Conference after Denver last November. However, as of the 9th, the ranking has dropped to 12th in the West (17 wins, 19 losses, winning percentage 0.472).

Curry said, “(The game against Toronto on the 8th) was one of the worst games of my career. “If matches like today continue, fans’ concerns about the team’s performance will inevitably increase,” he said. “Just because we failed today doesn’t mean we won’t do well in the next game. “I will fight against the approaching reality,” he said. 19가이드03