Criticism Of The Decision Is Growing Again In The English Premier League

It’s right to give you a penalty kick.

Criticism of the decision is growing again in the English Premier League. In particular, the controversy is even greater as the dubious decision came from the showdown between Arsenal and Liverpool, which are ranked first and second in the league. In the meantime, public opinion is getting more heated as Arsenal’s flagship defender William Saliba admitted his teammate’s foul.

Arsenal defender Saliba admitted that teammate Martin Odegaard’s handball foul should have resulted in a penalty kick for Liverpool, the opposing team.’ A teammate’s foul could have been fatal, but the referee did not see it.

Earlier in the morning, Arsenal, ranking first in the league, and Liverpool, ranking second, had a showdown at Anfield in Liverpool. The result was a 1-1 draw. Arsenal scored the first goal after four minutes of the first half with a header from Magalyangis. However, Liverpool tied the game at the 29th minute with Mohamed Salah’s mid-range shot. Since then, no more goals were scored and the match ended 1-1. The two teams shared one point each and the ranking remained the same. 토토

However, controversy arose over the decision after the game. A situation where Liverpool should have been awarded a penalty kick was overlooked. In the 19th minute of the first half, when Liverpool was behind 0-1, Odegaard, who was trying to stop Salah from penetrating inside the Arsenal penalty box, slipped and the ball hit his hand. If a handball foul is called, Liverpool gets a PK. But referee Chris Kavanagh just overlooked it. Liverpool players strongly protested, but no on-field review was conducted.

However, the players all knew that a penalty kick had to be taken in this scene. Even Arsenal defender Saliba, who is on the same side as Odegaard, said in a post-game interview, ‘Of course it should have been a penalty kick. But I am not a judge. Liverpool players should just accept it too,’ he said. Saliba made a kind of ‘declaration of conscience’. Due to this interview, criticism of referee Kavanagh is growing even more.