Chairman Kim Young-chan tops U.S. magazine’s influence in golf industry

Golf ENC’s No. 1 influence
Honored for 2 consecutive years since last year

Kim Young-chan, chairman of Golf Zone Newdin Group, has become the No. 1 influential figure in the Asian golf industry for the second consecutive year, led by a U.S. magazine.

According to Golf Zone on the 2nd, Chairman Kim was selected as the most influential person in the 2024 Asian golf industry announced by Golf Inc., a U.S. golf media.

The media introduced Chairman Kim, who contributed greatly to the popularization of golf in Korea and the development of the global golf industry, as the most influential person in the 2024 Asian golf industry by introducing screen golf, which combines golf, information technology (IT), and culture to the world in the March and April integrated issue published on the 25th.

Starting with its first overseas expansion in 2009, Golf Zone is providing golf simulator products with unique technology to more than 7,700 screen golf stores across 63 countries around the world, the media said. “44,000 golf zone simulators are in operation (as of February 2024) at home and abroad, and a total of 97 million rounds were conducted annually at home and abroad as of 2023.”

In addition, Chairman Kim established the Golf Zone Cultural Foundation in 2010 to support cultural artists, support and volunteer activities for the vulnerable in the community, and in 2015, he established the Yuwon Golf Foundation to promote the publication of a golf industry white paper to foster dreamers and players of golf and develop the golf industry.

Chairman Kim Young-chan said, “We are honored to be able to be named an influential person every year, receiving the evaluation that Golf Zone has expanded its base by confidently entering the domestic as well as the world stage,” adding, “We will continue to try to develop creative technologies based on the unique technology of Golf Zone Newdin Group and contribute to the development of the domestic and overseas golf industry as a global golf platform company.” 토토사이트 추천