Byun Sung-hwan in “Goldae Unlucky”

Bang Sung-ho is on the verge of elimination from the U17 World Cup
Lack of finishing, bad luck with the goalpost!

South Korea’s U-17 national team, led by head coach Byun Sung-hwan, is on the verge of elimination from the 2023 FIFA U17 World Cup. They lost both the first and second rounds of the group stage (Group E). It was blocked by the wall of the United States (1-3 defeat) and France (0-1 defeat). On the 18th (Korea Standard Time), they have to beat Burkina Faso in the final group match and compare their performances with the third place in other groups before seeking to advance to the round of 16 wild cards.

Currently, there are many promising players with good skills in Byun Sung-hwan. In particular, fast and technical resources stand out on the attack side. They are attracting attention because they have good basic skills and have a different sense of soccer. They are promising players who are recognized for their talents in the K League youth team and grow up well. In the match against the U.S. and France, he also directed several scenes that overwhelmed the opposing defenders. Definitely talented and very good at kicking the ball.

However, it is 2 percent short. Overall, the finish was not good. The accuracy of the pass just before shooting was reduced, and shots were more often off the goal. The record speaks well. In the first and second group games, South Korea recorded 28 shots. Among them, 11 were effective shots that flew into the net. Three shots hit the post. Only one of his 28 shots was a goal.

Soccer is a sport of process and a sport of results. The process of making a goal is important, but you need to get a result to get closer to victory. We need to get both the process and the results. If you don’t get results because you’re biased toward the process, you can’t pursue practicality. Soccer is the only way to win if you score a goal, regardless of whether you score nicely or pick it up. In other words, the finish should be as accurate as when combining attacks.

There is something I often say while evaluating the lack of goal determination. That’s the saying, “Shooting is the last pass.” It means that goal production is possible only when shooting is accurate as if passing. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Shooting, also described as “finish,” is the most important and difficult moment. There are many cases where there is strength or inaccurate finishing. It is a moment of burden and excitement.

To reach the round of 16, they need a great victory in the final group match against Burkina Faso. As in the game against the United States and France, you can basically carry out various and confident attacks. On top of that, you need to increase shooting accuracy to score multiple points. “Shooting is the last pass.” 안전놀이터