Who is ‘Kim Min-jae’s new teacher’?

Following Brighton coach Roberto DeGerbi, Zinedine Zidane was also excluded from the Bayern Munich coach candidate.

“The season is over, but I have a question. Who will be the new coach to lead Munich after Thomas Tuchel?” German media outlet Bild said on the 19th.

Munich fans are expressing frustration with the team’s current state of affairs. Munich have yet to find a new leader to lead their team from the 2024-25 season, since deciding to part ways with Thomas Tuchel in February.

At the time, Munich were disappointed by the performance and performance they were making under Tuchel and agreed to end their contractual relationship, which was due to expire on 30 June 2025.

Munich, who decided to break up with Tuchel, later sought a new coach, but was confused as he had yet to find a successor to Tuchel.

Munich’s most wanted leader as the next head coach was coach Xavi Alonso, who put Bayer Leverkusen on the Bundesliga championship this season, but Alonso had to find another leader when he declared his stay in Leverkusen himself.

Afterwards, they contacted Julian Nagelsmann Germany national team, Ralf Rangnick Austrian national team, Unai Emery Aston Villa and Oliver Glasner Crystal Palace, but they were all rejected. Former German national team coach Hanji Flick also reportedly rejected the offer to coach Bayern Munich.

Having difficulty finding a new coach, Munich approached Tuchel and asked him to lead the team next season as well. Tuchel also showed a positive response to staying in Munich and held negotiations, but failed to reach an agreement, leaving the team as scheduled soon as possible.

“This is my last press conference at the Munich Training Center,” Tuchel said in a pre-press conference ahead of the final Bundesliga match on the 17th. “We talked, but we couldn’t reach an agreement. That’s why the decision in February is valid.”

Munich went back to square one and started to find a new coach after failing to persuade Tuchel.

After Tuchel’s departure was confirmed, various media outlets reported that Robert DeGerby, who leads Premier League club Brighton and Hove Albion, was one of the leading candidates for Munich’s next head coach, but DeGerby is also not interested in taking the helm of Munich.

“It’s a big surprise. De Gehrby is leaving Brighton this summer. But he will not start in Munich,” he said. “Until the end, De Gehrby emphasized that he would continue to play Brighton after the summer. However, the club made a surprise announcement on Saturday.”

Italian coach De Gervi originally had two more years to go until June 2026 when his contract with Brighton was still signed, but under a mutual agreement with the club, he decided to terminate his contract at the end of the 2023-24 season.

De Gehrby, who took the helm of Brighton when Graham Potter left for Chelsea in the middle of last season, finished sixth in his Premier League debut season and successfully participated in the UEFA Europa League, Brighton’s first European competition, drawing keen attention.

However, DeGerbi has also been excluded from the list of candidates for Munich coach. “There have been no specific talks between Munich and DeGerbi for the past few days,” said Fabrizio Romano, a journalist specializing in the transfer market, through his social networking service. “The talks that took place between March and April are the only ones that took place. Ever wanted to coach DeGerbi, but the club and DeGerbi decided to stop the talks for different reasons.”

As DeGerbi was also excluded from the list, Munich’s next coach was increasingly mired in fog. Some pointed out French coach Myung-jan Zinedine Zidane, who has been on a break since leaving Real Madrid, as a candidate, but Zidane has also been confirmed not to be a candidate.

Zinedine Zidane has also been mentioned as a candidate for coach, but we know that Zidane is not being discussed in Munich, said Bild, a leading German newspaper. “The leadership still does not want Zidane to replace Tuchel.”

According to the media, when asked about Zidane three weeks ago, Munich Honorary Chairman Uli Hönes said, “I’m sure no one has spoken to Zidane.”

The news that Zidane is not the next head coach of Munich only intensified the confusion among Munich fans. Some Munich fans even joked that they should bring in Jurgen Klinsmann, who was dismissed from the Korean national soccer team in February.

Despite difficulties in finding a new coach, Munich remained relaxed. “We will find a good solution. My very good friend always said, ‘Best comes last,'” Munich director Max Eberle said in a positive light on the situation. 토토사이트 추천