Tuchel and Arsenal also stand on the bench in question of losing to the promotion team

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel 50 has lost to the promotion team, but his replacement is unlikely to come out immediately.

Munich came from behind to defeat FC Heidenheim 2-3 in the 28th round of the Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season at Foyt Arena in Stuttgart, Germany on the 6th.

As a result of the day, Munich had 60 points 19 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses, and the gap between “leading” buyer 04 Leverkusen and “leading” buyer was widened to 16 points. In the meantime, they have to focus on shaking off the pursuit of VfB Stuttgart 57 points, which ranks third, not chasing the first place.

Munich took the lead in the game without difficulty. As the opponent team is a promotion team, the team spearheaded the offense with skill. It also scored the first goal. In the 38th minute of the first half, Gnabry passed the ball back to Gnabry, who swung a right-footed shot to hit the net.

Munich added another goal soon after. Gnabry headed a cross from Davis from the left side in the 45th minute to make it 2-0. The first half ended with Munich’s 2-0 lead.

Munich was expected to lead in the second half as well. However, a shocking 45 minutes continued.

In the fifth minute of the second half, goalkeeper Kevin Müller passed a long pass to the front and Kim Min-jae advanced to compete for an aerial ball. The ball flowed backward, and Kim Min-jae’s back space was exposed. Kevin Sessa quickly shot and hit the net as Upamecano failed to cover the space and failed to catch any striker. Score 2-1.

Immediately after the loss, which had to be refocused, Munich let go of their concentration and allowed an additional run within a minute. In the sixth minute of the second half, Tim Klinedienst connected an early cross from the left side with a shot to make it 2-2.

Heidenheim even scored a come-from-behind goal. Marvin Pearinger, who received the ball from the right side in the 34th minute of the second half, passed it to Clindienst who was rushing from the opposite side. Clindienst turned the game around with a low and fast shot.

Munich, who failed to come to their senses afterwards, made repeated mistakes in the attack and lost 2-3.

It is a shocking defeat. Munich, which had scored two goals in the first half alone and gained full momentum, suffered a bitter upset in the second half as its entire team collapsed.

According to European football expert Fabrizio Romano after the game, Tuchel gave Munich its first defeat since 2000 from its Bundesliga debut, but there is no immediate dismissal.

“Coach Tuchel will also lead Munich in the next game,” Munich director Max Eberle said.

Munich did not immediately replace Tuchel because it is not easy to find a firefighter coach.

“Munich’s preferred candidates for the next coach, German national team coach Julian Nagelsmann and Brighton coach Roberto DeGerbi, can only be recruited in the summer. In other words, it took firefighters to send Tuchel out. Even if we find a replacement, we cannot continue to accompany him in the next season.”

Of course, there are financial troubles, too. Media said, “If the coach’s replacement goes nowhere without success, it will be a headache for huge amounts of money. It is a tricky situation.”

Meanwhile, according to Bild, Tuchel plans to collect a total of 10 million euros 14.6 billion won in severance pay. Moreover, since the contract is terminated based on mutual agreement, it is not a simple dismissal, but a contract termination based on mutual agreement, other teams can be appointed immediately from June. 스포츠토토