Tottenham Hotspur Yves Bissouma Angry

Tottenham Hotspur’s Bissouma was furious after failing to qualify for Mali’s national football team.

Tottenham midfielder Bissouma was not included in the Mali national soccer team after a tough time at the Africa Cup of Nations. He is reportedly angry at the decision.

Bissouma grew up in Lille and became famous in Brighton and Hove Albion. After joining Brighton in the 2018/19 season, he immediately became the starting midfielder in 34 matches. He did not have many offensive points, but he was recognized for his unique control over the midfield.

Tottenham aimed for Bissouma after a good performance in Brighton. Neither Bissouma nor Brighton renewed their contracts. So Tottenham succeeded in recruiting ahead of the 2022/23 season.

Bissouma had a difficult time right after joining Tottenham. He couldn’t participate in the pre-season due to COVID-19. After the start of the season, he was lagging behind in the competition to become a starting member. He played 28 games in his first season, but played only 1,272 minutes in total.

With manager Enze Postecoglou’s appointment to Tottenham, Bissouma’s position has changed. He has played in 20 games so far, fully adapting to Postecoglou’s unique aggressive tactics. The performance is also completely different from last season.

Postecoglou said, “I don’t know if I did anything special to Bisuma. If you have a disappointing season, you can blame him. But I think players are also responsible. I emphasize the present to all players.”

“When I first came to Tottenham, I was lucky to have Bissouma. Many players were playing in A matches at the time. Through the first three to four training sessions, I told Bissouma, ‘You can become a leader.’ I knew his ability, and I saw his potential through training.”

However, he has displayed somewhat different performances in the national team. Vishima represented Mali at the last Africa Cup of Nations, but his presence was not significant. In the match against South Africa, which was the first match of the tournament, he finished the match in 58 minutes.

In the second match of the group league against Tunisia, he played for six minutes at the end of the second half. He played full-time in the last match of the group league against Namibia, but failed to play against Burkina Faso in the round of 16. In the match against Ivory Coast in the quarterfinals, which was Mali’s last match of the tournament, he was deployed at the end of the second half and only played overtime.

During the A-match period in March, Bissouma was not selected at all. “Like many players, Bissouma deserves to be selected. It’s just a choice. There are more stable players at the moment. This does not mean that Bissouma will not be selected again.”

According to the media, Bissouma reacted furiously after failing to join the national team. He deleted all posts related to the national team from his SNS account and eventually unfollowed the Malian Football Federation account. 안전놀이터