Kim Min-jae will struggle in this position

Rumors have spread that Kim Min-jae will return to Serie A, but there were also unwelcome views.

Italy’s Get Football News Italy said on the 22nd, “I have doubts about the future of Francesco Acerbi. Acerbi, who could be convicted amid controversy over racism, is likely to sell him and recruit other players. Inter Milan’s most ideal target is Kim Min-jae. We have to wait and see Kim Min-jae’s situation as things are not good in Bayern Munich.”

“Munich does not need to sell Kim Min-jae to send him on loan. He is keeping an eye on Kim Min-jae situation. Inter Milan and Bayern Munich are on good terms. They are Inter Milan who recruited Bangjamain Pavard and Jan Zommer from Munich last summer,” he said.

Acerbi is suspected of making racist remarks against opposing defender João Jesús in a showdown with Napoli on Thursday last week. As a result, Acerbi was removed from the A-match list in March. Currently, there is a possibility that he will be suspended for 10 matches.

Various candidates were mentioned as replacements for Acerbi. Among them was Kim Min-jae. This is because Kim Min-jae already had experience playing for Napoli, a member of Serie A in Italy, last season. In addition, he has recently been lagging behind in competition to become a starting member of his team Munich, and is connecting with various teams.

Kim started off on the bench in three consecutive matches against Mainz and Darmstadt, starting with the UEFA Champions League (UCL) match against Lazio on the 6th. Only one of them was played as a substitute. The fact that none other than Eric Dier replaced Kim came as a big shock.

In a recent interview, Kim said, “I’ve never sat on a bench so often. But I have something to learn. I don’t think I get rejected at all just because I don’t run. When I play in a stadium, I always have confidence in my capability. Of course, I have a lot of thoughts now. Still, I have played for Munich a lot so far, but there are so many good players in Munich. I think I may not be able to play.”

Inter Milan was linked to this situation. Italian media outlet “Calcio Mercato” reported on Tuesday, “Acherbi’s racist incident put Inter Milan in a embarrassing situation. Inter Milan is thinking about Acherbi’s replacement.” 안전놀이터

“A number of names have recently emerged as substitutes for Acervi. Three defenders are on the list. Inter Milan and Italian legend defender Giuseppe Vergomi made a direct evaluation on the list,” he said.

However, Bergomi insisted that Kim does not fit into Inter Milan soccer. “If you’re talking about a three-back central defender, I don’t think Kim is fit for this role. Kim doesn’t have the personality or charisma to lead the defense, which is why I think he will struggle in the position of sweeper.”

“Of course, Kim is a fast and strong defender, but he needs other abilities than those in that position. Therefore, I would not choose Kim. In general, Kim is a reliable defender and knows well about the league because he played for Napoli. However, the back of Inter Milan uses a different method than Napoli. I think he is more suitable for the right stopper position.”