Surprising 3 Consecutive Losses Lotte Giants Sit Down Again

Following a series of winning series

Lotte continued its fall baseball hopes by sweeping SSG and 3 consecutive matches during the week.


3 consecutive losses to Kiwoom

the lowest place

and the taste of spicy red pepper powder

I rode a roller coaster again

and I was again one and a half games behind Doosan in 5th place.

The problem is that after leading for three days

they suffered a come-from-behind defeat.

Along with chronic defensive anxiety

the so-called ‘8 Chi-all

which is said to ‘hit and go up in August 스포츠토토

was also in danger of being blown away by Kim Won-joong

who allowed a push.

From Sutton’s point of view

a completely unexpected scenario came out.

For Lotte

who is aiming for the final round of 5

this week is literally a mountain beyond the mountains.

During the week

we meet with the leader LG and the rapidly rising kt on the weekend

because they are behind with 5 wins and 6 losses and 3 wins and 9 losses


In the first game against the formidable opponent LG

it is comforting that the lucky Wilkerson starts.

Yoo Kang-nam / Lotte catcher:

We have to look forward and not look back, so we do our best in each game.


failed to narrow the gap with rivals Doosan and KIA

with a 9-9 win rate of only 50% in the month of August.

Depending on the results of 6 games this week and 8 games this month

each game is an all-out war

as it is a situation where it may be in 5th place or be pushed to the bottom.