Shohei Ohtani is the talk of the town

A nerve-wracking battle that won’t be laughed off the field. Shohei Ohtani is the talk of the town.

Even the American media is reporting in real time on where the “Idoryu” Otani, who is expected to change free agency history, will end up. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Toronto Blue Jays are the most likely destinations so far.

The Dodgers, who have been interested in Ohtani since he was playing in Japan but failed to land him in the first round, are still the favorites. Recently, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts broke his “secrecy” and admitted to meeting with Ohtani in an interview.

The latest contender to emerge in recent days is Toronto. In need of a “star,” the Jays have been more aggressive than ever in their pursuit of Ohtani. The Dodgers and Toronto are now considered the favorites.

In the midst of all this, former Dodger Jerry Hairston Jr. and host Sid Cicero got into a hilarious nerve-wracking exchange on a morning sports program in Toronto, Canada. 안전놀이터 They argued about why Ohtani should come to the Dodgers and Toronto, and it went viral when it was picked up by major U.S. media outlets.

Hairston, who is pro-Dodgers, expressed his discomfort

“having to listen to two national anthems (when playing in Toronto, a city with Canadian ties),” while Cisheiro responded with a verbal punchline: “It’s cool to hear two national anthems, and you know why? Because you hear better songs after the American anthem.”

When Hairston said, “Canadian taxes are going to take away my money,” Cisheiro countered with, “Canada’s taxes are high, but California is the fifth highest taxed state in the country.”

When Hairston said, “Canada is too cold,” Sisheiro replied, “It’s a little cold in Canada, but I’ve seen it snow in California. We could have an earthquake,” Sisheiro retorted. When Hairston pointed out the luxury of living in LA, saying, “You can live in a beautiful mansion in Newport Beach and commute to Dodger Stadium every night,” Sisheiro replied, “LA has the worst traffic in the world. Even if you live 10 kilometers away, it will take you eight hours to commute,” he retorted, eliciting laughter.