Osmar leaves FC Seoul to move to Seoul E-Land

Osmar built a bird’s nest in Seoul E-Land in the K-League 2. Photo = Seoul E-Land

Osmar 35, Spain, who had been on his way to the country for a new challenge after completing his nine-year companionship with FC Seoul, has moved to E-Land in Seoul.

The professional soccer K League 2 Seoul E-Land club said on the 10th, “We have recruited Osmar, a K-League living legend,” adding, “The veterans’ rich experience and outstanding skills are expected to add stability to the team’s power by recruiting Osmar following Kim Young-wook 32 and Kim Oh-kyu 34, an experienced veteran.”

Osmar is one of the legendary foreign players in the K-League with 22 goals and 12 assists in 282 games. He played full-time in all games in the 2015 season and was named the best 11 in the K-League in the 2016 season.

He can play both defensive midfielders and center backs, and his smart game management and pass ability are considered to be his strengths. He also played in 35 K-League games last season. The Seoul E-Land club expects Osmar to take the center stage in the team’s defense.

Osmar, who left the country last month after completing his nine-year companionship with FC Seoul, returned to Korea and continued his career in Korea. He was a legend who joined FC Seoul in 2014 and played only for FC Seoul, except for renting Cerezo Osaka in the J-League in 2018. In 2016, he served as the first foreign player captain in FC Seoul’s history, and last season set the record for the most foreign players in Seoul.

However, as Osmar chose a new challenge after leaving FC Seoul, his companionship was put to an end. The next destination was Malaysia. The FC Seoul club also reported its breakup with Osmar, saying, “We will extend our infinite respect and gratitude to Osmar for always doing everything for the team over the past nine years, and send him generous support for his new challenge,” adding, “We will do everything we can to honor him as a ‘Legend’ of FC Seoul.” Seoul fans gathered at the airport to say goodbye to him leaving for Malaysia.

As Osmar’s transfer to Malaysia suddenly failed, however, the situation turned complicated. Ultimately, Osmar, who was looking for a new destination, signed a contract with Seoul E-Land and returned to the Korean league. “This year marks the 10th anniversary of the K-League. I came to Seoul E-Land FC to make a new history. I want to bring good performances to my fans. I can’t wait to meet my fans at the stadium.” 사설토토