North Carolina Issues Online Sports Betting Licenses To 8 Businesses, Waits Six More For March 11 Launch

As sports betting is expanding across North Carolina, the state has issued sports betting licenses to eight operators. Businesses will be able to provide services within two weeks, and users will be able to bet on both their phones and computers.

North Carolina Opens Online Sports Betting:

A law that approved sports betting in the state was passed in 2023, after which the North Carolina State Lottery Commission, which was tasked with overseeing gambling in the state, was established. The commission said its first application has now been received, and operators will soon be able to start operations in North Carolina.

Operators will be able to provide services starting on Mar. 11, and operations will begin at noon on that date, according to the Associated Press. Since the Atlantic Coast Conference men’s basketball tournament begins on Mar. 12, dates are carefully chosen. All customers 21 and older will be able to register and make deposits starting on Friday, Mar. 11.

Customers can bet on a variety of professional sports, as well as college and Olympic style sports.

The committee’s chairman, Ripley Rand, said the decision was “an important milestone in establishing legal sports betting in North Carolina.” 바카라사이트 순위

From the start, seven operators were already known: BETMGM, Underdog Sports Wagering, FanDuel, Sportsbook, DraftKings, Fanatics Sportsbook, Bet365, and ESPN Bet. Later, one more operator was added: Eastern Cherokee Indians Corporation, which already operates two casinos in the West and is licensed to gamble on sports in person.

Caesars Entertainment will be in charge of the supply.

In addition, the Katova Indians submitted their application. The tribe already operates a casino located west of Charlotte, and has been granted permission to offer direct sports betting in the state.

More opportunities for operators:

The state grants a total of 13 licenses, allowing more operators to submit applications, with a licensing fee of $1 million.

Under the new law, businesses with a license to bet in person will also be allowed to offer services beyond casinos, but details about other possible locations are not yet known.

To achieve this, the state’s operators had to work with at least one of the state’s professional teams, professional golf or car racetracks. There was also the possibility of working with government agencies. Some of the deals are open.

Sports betting is available in 30 states, including new markets in North Carolina and the District of Columbia, according to a report from the American Gambling Association.

An analysis by the Legislature conducted a study on tax revenue. Online sports betting is predicted to bring in more than $100 million in tax revenue per year over the next five years.