Munich recruited him at a cheap price for ‘Welkel CB’! Napoli Chairman

SSC Napoli owner Kim Min-jae 27, who moved to Bayern Munich, accurately announced the transfer fee.

Kim Min-jae is Korea’s leading defender. He received worldwide attention starting from the 2022-2023 season. Last season, Kim played for Napoli, a prestigious Italian Serie A team. Kim Min-jae was hired by Napoli to replace Kalidou Koulibaly, a top-rated Italian Serie A defender for several years.

Back then, local fans in Naples criticized him, saying, “Is the player who sent out Coulibaly but bought it as an Asian player?” However, Kim changed the minds of fans in just a month. He won the Serie A title in September, and led Napoli to the Serie A title for the first time in 33 years.

Napoli’s last Serie A trophy was when Diego Maradona was there. Kim Min-jae joined the ranks of legendary players last season by contributing to his victory with two goals and two assists in 45 games. Kim Min-jae won the league’s best defender award after the season ended.

Ahead of this season, Kim Min-jae wore a Munich uniform. Immediately after entering the Bundesliga, he started in all 16 games in the first half of the season, serving as Munich’s main center back. In the 15th round match against Vfb Stuttgart, he scored a header goal and scored his debut goal in Munich.

From Munich’s point of view, Kim Min-jae’s presence alone is reassuring. In Munich, Matthias de Licht and Upamecano had a hard time forming center backs due to frequent injuries at the beginning of the season, and Kim Min-jae alone played in all 16 league games and was responsible for Munich’s defense.

Of course, Kim Min-jae played in both national and Bundesliga matches, failing to maintain his ironclad appearance last season due to his physical burden. Nevertheless, Kim Min-jae completely blocked Seru Girashi and Victor Boniface, who are noted as the best strikers in the Bundesliga this season.

Recently, Kim also displayed stellar performance at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation AFC Qatar Asian Cup. Kim played in all five matches through the quarterfinals. The Korean national team even lost 0-2 to Jordan, whose team was absent due to accumulated violations, in the semifinal match.

Kim Min-jae returned to Germany after the Asian Cup and is focusing on training. Meanwhile, Napoli de laurentis suddenly expressed his injustice. “The transfer fee we received for Kim Min-jae’s transfer is 42 million euros about 60.1 billion won,” Chairman Laurentis said in an interview with the media.

Early on, German and local media estimated Kim’s transfer fee at 57 million euros. Since transfer fees are not usually disclosed in the process of transferring, there may be a difference between what is estimated by the media and the actual transfer fee. However, there is usually not much difference.

However, Napoli’s owner revealed a whopping 15 million euros in difference. “We did not receive 15 million euros from Munich as reported by some media outlets. We knew that Kim Min-jae would leave the club last summer,” Laurence said.

From Munich’s point of view, Kim Min-jae was recruited at a ‘low price’. In order to recruit a world-class defender like Kim Min-jae, they have often offered more than 100 billion won in recent years. Even Kim Min-jae is not easily injured, so it is beneficial to play many games.

Munich will be able to secure the rear with Kim Min-jae’s return. In the absence of Kim Min-jae, Munich gave up five runs in five Bundesliga games, recording an average of one run per game. Kim Min-jae’s return ahead of Leverkusen’s Bundesliga “final” made the center-back combination easier. 배트맨토토