Legendary No.5 admits legend No.5

Jude Bellingham is gusting in Europe this season.

Even at the tender age of 20, Bellingham is still the best in the world. He is said to be the greatest 20-year-old in the world. Bellingham left Dortmund in Germany to move to Real Madrid, the strongest team in Spain, ahead of this season. As soon as he moved, he became the Real Madrid ace. Bellingham, who played a more aggressive role, exploded and is currently atop in the Spanish Primera Liga with 16 goals.

The team was extraordinary. Real Madrid is overwhelmingly No. 1 in La Liga and has advanced to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League. Compliments continued on with Bellingham. “Bellingham will win the Ballon d’Or three to four times in the future,” said England and Manchester United legend Rio Fernand. Many other legends and experts have joined the ranks of Bellingham’s praises.

And there was another one in Bellingham’s praise, a legend that is more meaningful than anyone who has ever praised it. When Bellingham wore a Real Madrid uniform, the most controversial part was the back number 5.

Number five was the back number of Zinedine Zidane, the “legendary” of Real Madrid. Regarding the reason for choosing number five, Bellingham explained, “Jidan is the best midfielder of all time. I have seen the glory of Zidane, I have seen his achievements. I respect Zidane very much. I want to wear Zidane’s uniform and follow in his footsteps.”

Local media reported that Bellingham’s outstanding performance was “5 times more effective than back number. I can see Zidane in Bellingham,” while fellow seniors who played with him also claimed that they felt Zidane’s scent toward Bellingham. This is the effect of back number 5 in Real Madrid.

And the legend Zidane himself pitched. The legendary No. 5 recognized the legendary No. 5 to become a legend. Zidane admitted he was a fan of Bellingham by throwing a eulogy at Bellingham. Zidane said in a local media outlet.

“Bellingham is a very good player. He is a brilliant player. Real Madrid is very lucky to have Bellingham. Let’s hope Bellingham will bring a lot of trophies from Real Madrid. Number five is connecting to number five. Bellingham and I are different generations and different ages, but we have the same number five.” 배트맨토토