Kurt Schilling Again, A former colleague of mine, Wakefield, revealed the Battle

Kurt Schilling, who is undermining his reputation as an active player due to a series of controversies, caused another accident.

Schilling revealed the news of his fellow teammate Wakefield’s cancer fight on his podcast “The Curt Schilling Baseball Show” on Wednesday 27th.

“As a sincere Christian, I’ve seen my prayers work and that’s why I’m going to talk,” he said, adding that Wakefield is battling brain cancer and recently had surgery.

The problem is that it was made public without seeking Wakefield’s own consent. Schilling also admitted that he disclosed it without permission from the parties, saying, “I’m not sure he wants the news to be shared.”

Health information such as an individual’s disease-fighting content is sensitive personal information. It can be a serious problem for such information to be disclosed without the consent of the patient party.

On top of that, the person involved was the best knuckle bowler in his active career, and it’s no other disease, but brain cancer. Naturally, the repercussions are bound to grow.

The Red Sox announced their position in a statement a day later on the 28th.

“Unfortunately, such information was shared without the permission of the parties,” they said. Their health problems are extremely personal and they wanted to be kept confidential in their search for a treatment to overcome the disease,” he said, expressing regret over the release of personal health information without permission from the parties.

He added, “The Wakefields are grateful for the love and support the fans have sent and politely asked for privacy at this time.”

On the same day, Katherine, wife of Shilling and Wakefield’s teammate Jason Baritech, wrote on her X formerly Twitter, “Sneak Kurt Shilling. That wasn’t where you were supposed to be!” he posted an angry post.

Schilling had a brilliant career with six All-Star wins and three World Series wins when he was active, but he has shown a severe rightward tilt since his retirement.

In 2015, while working as an ESPN commentator, he tweeted a message criticizing Islam by comparing it to the Nazis, which became controversial and eventually came down as a commentator.

In 2021, supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed into Congress, causing controversy by supporting it.

In the same year, when he failed to enter the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame due to a lack of 16 votes to 75% of the membership, he asked for the exclusion of candidates, which once again became controversial. 스포츠토토

In the end, he failed to enter the Hall of Fame by exhausting all 10 opportunities with a 58.6% approval rating in 2022. He will seek to enter through the senate committee vote.