‘K League’s only winless game + 12th place in shock’ Jeonbuk, will the coach’s brutal death begin

Jeonbuk Hyundai will say goodbye to head coach Dan Petrescu.

“Coach Petrescu felt responsibility for the team’s poor performance and expressed his intention to put down the baton himself for better development, and the club decided to respect the coach’s intention,” Jeonbuk said on the 6th.

Jeonbuk was mired in a slump early last season, and its coach Kim Sang-sik left the team. Jeonbuk has appointed Petrescu from Romania as its replacement. It was the seventh coach in the team, and the second foreign coach to do so after Morais. The team gave high marks to Petrescu, who won several times in the Romanian league, and expected his DNA to be revived.

However, Petrescu continued to display monotonous attack patterns while Jeonbuk continued to play frustrating matches. As he took the helm in the middle of last season, he only ranked fourth and failed to qualify for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League Elite (ACLE).

Ahead of the season, Jeonbuk has raised expectations by recruiting Thiago, the best striker in the K-League, and Lee Young-jae, Kwon Chang-hoon, and Kim Tae-hwan to strengthen its entire position last year.

However, Jeonbuk showed terrible performance. After winning the first ACL match against the Pohang Steelers, the team fell into a winless swamp. It had two draws and two losses in the league, while it lost 0-2 in an away match to the Jeju United. As Gangwon FC and Daejeon Hana Citizen won the match, Jeonbuk became the only team out of 25 teams in the K-League that failed to secure a single win.

In the end, Petrescu decided to step down due to sluggish performance. “It was a happy time to be able to work with the best players and fans in Asia’s best team. Jeonbuk has to go higher up there. I am sorry that it did not meet fans’ expectations, and I am grateful for always giving me passionate support. I am grateful to the team that provided generous support, players who trusted me, and the coaching staff for playing hard. I will cherish my experience, time, and affection for the team as Jeonbuk coach in my heart, and support Jeonbuk even when I return to my homeland,” Petrescu said.

At a home game against Gangwon Province on Tuesday, Jeonbuk will have coaches such as Park Won-jae, Cho Seong-hwan and Choi Eun-seong leading the team. It also said it will quickly appoint a new coach. 메이저사이트