Hot Ink – Online Slot Games

The Hot Ink Slot Game with its 1024 ways to win is a real work of art. But don’t let the tattoo artist make a mistake as there are no paylines to win on, so make it count.With pumping sound effects to enhance the gaming experience, you will also find rich graphics including 8 balls, horseshoes and dice.

How To Play Hot Ink Slots ? Before starting to play Hot Ink Slots, you have to first pick a bet of your wish. Then, pick the number of coins you want to wager. The Coins button helps you to change the money you are wagering. After that, click the Bet Max button if you want to play with the game’s highest bet. Or click the Spin button to play with your selected bet. As you spin, the symbols come down and you can score some winning combinations. But if you don’t win, you can boost your combinations by clicking the Respin button for a fee to try your luck again.

With the symbols in the slot, awards are but moments away, with equal symbols bringing you different opportunities. With 3, 4, or 5 tattoo symbols, you get the bonus. That is the Tattoos bonus game, which is lavish towards you, too. It will start when you get 3, or more, bonus symbols, any place on the reels. There are three tattoo albums, they represent the back, the arm, and the leg areas. Click on them, and three tattoos will be shown. If luck is yours that day, and the tattoos form a set, then you get 10 free spins, and, plus, your winnings are doubled. With that 2x multiplier, the winnings you will grab will reward your need for winnings!

You can also use the Respin button that you see on each of the reels, to enhance your performance more and more. 토토 This is a new feature. Thanks to it, you can spin each reel separately. After each of the spin finishes, choose another drum, spin it, and get an additional amount. So it is up to you to get more and more winning combos. Just remember that the Respin button will not be active during the time of free spins.

If jackpots are among your goals in slots playing, let us point out the maximum jackpot in Hot Ink is not very large. What can bring you rewarding winnings that will make your day is the string of free games.

The good looks of Hot Ink, with pleasing graphics and sounds, will make your playing a pleasure. The capabilities you get with the 1024 ways in which you can win are inviting, too. Playing will be a thrill after thrill, as you game on to get bonuses and win further and further. And who knows, you can find ideas to carry out in the body art or tattoos on your own body, as an additional perk, unique only for Hot Ink!

Hot Ink Online Slot Playing Tips, Don’t be tempted to go for the respins too often, the chances of winning over the long term remain the same however it may appear. Spin once or twice at most and then get back to the base game and also keep an eye on the cost of the spin.