Harrah’s Announces 2007 World Series Poker Date

2007 World Series of Poker was announced Monday by Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino Harrer Entertainment officials.
Harrer’s spokesperson Gary Thompson said the final table for the main event will begin.

Thompson added that in two to three weeks, we will be able to check the entire event schedule.

Thompson said ESPN will be able to broadcast WSOP in the summer, avoiding a (major league) baseball playoff that could hurt ratings. The result will be more exposure to players and higher ratings for the show

Officials at Harrer are also reviewing a proposed schedule with a player advisory board to see if this year’s series will be more attractive to participants, Thompson said. The outcome of the meeting will be considered before announcing a final schedule.

“The 2006 Poker World Series was the best it’s ever been, but 2007 is going to be even better,” said Jeffrey Pollock, Poker World Series Commissioner. “As a first step, we pushed the start date forward and are now developing an expanded and balanced event schedule for 2007 that will appeal to both professionals and amateurs.” 슬롯머신