August High-Five Tournament Series Special Edition

August High-Five Tournament Series Special Edition with the biggest prize money ever

Poker players who like to light their bank rolls will head to ACR Poker from August 6-27. That’s when a special edition of the High Five Tournament series will run and it’s the largest version of all time with $14.4 million guaranteed.

ACR Pro Chris Moneymaker said: “We typically run High Five in April, which is perfect for the ‘420’ theme. But now we’re running a special version in August due to player demand.” “So end the summer nicely, burning up smoking tables.”

HiFive ramps up coverage for 10 Tourney a day for the 22nd straight day, offering up to $14.4 million. Buy-in starts at just $1.10 and five of the daily tourney is low stakes, so players with budgets can participate and see huge prizes.

The moneymaker added that while all the high-five tours make headlines, players will definitely want to inhale three $1 million GTD events. The kickoff tourney on Sunday, August 6 and the main event on Sunday, August 27 are included. Both have a $630 buyout.

High Five’s new one this year is the popular Mystery Bounty Tourney. These are the latest additions to the ACR poker lineup and there are 300,000 GTD (16.50 buy-in) and 75,000 GTD (2.50 buy-in). Day 1 takes place from August 6th to 27th, and day 2 is Sunday, August 27th.

Adding a bit of fun and matching the theme, High Five offers a 10-minute ‘pre-meal break’ every day at 4:20 p.m. EST. This provides players with the opportunity to have a little lunch in their own personal way, relax in the bathroom, or relax. 슬롯머신사이트