2024 KBL Youth Weekend League, from 20th to 25th February

The 2024 KBL Youth Weekend League will start on the 20th.

The Korea Basketball Federation (KBL) announced on the 17th that the 2024 KBL Youth Weekend League will run from the 20th to February 25th.

KBL has been holding youth club competitions since 2007 to discover and foster promising Korean basketball players and expand the base of basketball, and has been operating the KBL Youth Weekend League since the 2017-2018 season to systematically operate the tournament and revitalize the youth club system.

The youth weekend league, which will be attended by four departments, U10, U11, U12, and U15, will be played by eight clubs divided into A region (KT, Samsung, SK, Chung Kwan-kwan) and B region (LG, DB, KCC, and Hyundai Mobis). The top three teams in each region will reach the semi-finals, with the top-ranked teams in each region going straight to the semifinals. In addition, the new “target score” system (the team that scored four points first within three minutes when the overtime starts) which was newly established at the last KBL youth club basketball tournament will be introduced in this tournament, adding to the excitement of the league.

In addition, KBL will hold Sargent Jump Challenge and shooting events with parents during the competition to provide various attractions.

Meanwhile, area A, which includes clubs in the metropolitan area, plans to start the league with KT and Jeong Kwan-jang on the 20th, and area B will start with LG vs. Hyundai Mobis on February 3rd. 스포츠중계