1st place in the final round of professional volleyball

Korean Air Wins 4th Consecutive Consolidated Championship in History
First year of Asian Quarter Introduction, Successfully Settled

Professional volleyball in the 2023-2024 season, which ended with the integrated victory of Korean Air and Hyundai Engineering & Construction, was full of interesting issues throughout the season.

For the first time in the men’s and women’s division, the ranking battle was so fierce that the first place in the regular league was decided in the final game of the season.

Korean Air has risen to the throne of integrated championship for the fourth consecutive season in history, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction has become the hero of integrated championship for the first time in 13 seasons.

Young players heralded the birth of stars, and the Asian quarter successfully settled in the league.

For the first time in the history of the 20-season V-League, both men’s and women’s teams decided to top the regular league in the final game.

Korean Air ranked first in the regular league in the final game of the season. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance overpowered Woori Card in the final game, and Korean Air beat Woori Card by one point.

The women’s team also fought against Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Heungkuk Life Insurance for the first place until the end. Hyundai Engineering & Construction beat Pepper Savings Bank, which was on the rise in the final regular league match, and won three points to finish first in the regular league.

The competition to advance to the spring volleyball tournament continued until the end of the season. The third-place team to the sixth-place team showed a slight gap in scores, and they did not give up hope for the spring volleyball until the end.

In particular, Hyundai Capital won a ticket to the semi-playoff by winning the final game against OK Financial Group.

Korean Air has written a new history of winning the first four consecutive seasons in the V-League.

After confirming its No. 1 ranking in the regular season, Korean Air won the title after the third round of the championship game, achieving the overall title for four consecutive seasons. In the history of the V-League, Korean Air is the only team that has won the overall title for four consecutive seasons.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction led Heungkuk Life Insurance by one point to top the regular league. Hyundai E&C also won three straight championship games against Heungkuk Life Insurance, but all three were in full-set contention.

This is the championship trophy that was regained in eight seasons after the 2015-2016 season, and the integrated victory that was achieved in 13 seasons after the 2010-2011 season. 토토사이트

A large number of players have appeared in the V-League by beating veteran players who have previously performed seasonedly on the court.

Han Tae-joon of Woori Card, a second-year setter in the men’s division, showed his skills by finishing the regular league in second place in the set despite his position that takes a relatively long time to build up his skills.

Men’s Woori Card Lee Sang-hyun and women’s IBK Industrial Bank Choi Jung-min proudly took the top spot in blocking, beating the existing legend-class middle blocker (center striker), showing the next-generation middle blocker.

A large number of young players have emerged to take over the baton of OK Financial Group’s second-year Apogit Spiker (right striker) Shin Ho-jin and Korean Air’s rising prospect outside heater (left striker) Jeong Han-yong.

The biggest institutional change this season is the introduction of the Asian quarter.

Players from various countries in the Asian quarter performed well, including Mega, a powerful player in charge of scoring the most points in the Jeonggwanjang, Raina, a leading gunman of Heungkuk Life Insurance, Hyundai Engineering & Construction Wipawi, an ace striker of Thai nationality, and Ponpoon of IBK Industrial Bank, the main man of the first nomination, Ryohei of Korea Electric Power Corporation, the No. 1 defense player of Japanese nationality, and Bayarsaihan of Woori Card’s strong central wall OK Financial Group.

Some predict that the level of players in the Asian quarter will be higher next season.