10 Runs Scored by Set Pieces Alone, Goalkeeper as a Hole

As long as that 29 billion goalkeeper starts, Tottenham won’t get better.

After Tottenham drew 1-1 with West Ham in the 31st round of the English Premier League EPL on the 3rd, criticism continues over the weaknesses of the set-piece defense and goalkeeper.

Tottenham took the lead with the first goal of Shinsung Brennan Johnson, who scored five minutes into the first half, but gave up a header equalizer to Kurt Zouma shortly after Bowen’s corner kick in the 19th minute, drawing 1-1.

It was Tottenham’s 10th loss this season due to set-piece defense errors. Tottenham’s strongest center backs, including Christian Romero and Mickey van der Pen, were trapped in a six-yard box and helpless against Zuma’s back header. If Tottenham 57 points had won the match, it would have been a great opportunity to rank fourth, the same as Aston Villa 59 points, who lost 1-4 to Manchester City. With eight games left until the end of the season, the team that wins the game with a tie and a tie can win the title and reach the top four.

At a critical time when a mistake determines the fate of the team, soccer commentator Mika Rizzaz saw goalkeeper Guglielo Vicario as a hole that is vulnerable to set pieces. If 10 goals, about a quarter of the 44 goals lost this season, were lost due to set piece defense mistakes, it is a very important task to supplement this part.

Former West Ham goalkeeper Shaka Hisloff also criticized Tottenham’s set-piece defense, including free kicks and corner kicks, through ESPN. In particular, he criticized the goalkeeper Vicario. He also pointed out that the Italian player, who is 17 million pounds about 29 billion won, has excellent ball control and shooting control under his feet, but is not strong enough to push back his opponents. He is simply not strong enough to disturb his players. West Ham are challenging Vicario by staying comfortably in a six-yard box without anyone moving. Tottenham has nothing to hide because of Vicario.

Vicario said after the game that his teammates lacked faith and fatigue could also be a problem, but the media pointed out that Tottenham’s biggest weakness at the moment is the set piece and the big part of it is Vicario. In fact, Vicario is taking a strategy to prevent the opponent team from using it to roll the ball close to the goal due to his relatively weak physique, he said. The ability to stop the opponent’s shooting is excellent, but the ability to strengthen the upper body and lead the game is considered a task to be supplemented in the future. 토토사이트