Weird Cohabitation That Finally Ended

Korean Air announced on the 12th, “We have completed the announcement of replacing foreign players from Lincoln Williams to Murad Khan,” ending a slightly strange cohabitation between the two with foreign players.

Pakistan-born Apogit Spiker Murad wore a Korean Air uniform as a “temporary replacement” for Lincoln, who was unable to play due to a back injury. However, Lincoln, who began to recover from his injury, has been moving with the Korean Air team since December, and he could see Murad and Lincoln at the same time on Korean Air courts before and after the game.

The two players looked conscious of each other, and their teammates and coaching staff minimized contact with them on the court. Prior to the match, Murad looked calm and focused on training alone, but Lincoln looked energetic, encouraging his teammates around the court.

Seeing him mingling with his teammates, I felt like Lincoln would be the choice for Korean Air. It was the same even after the game. After the match, Lincoln came down to the court to encourage each of his teammates by shaking their hands, and even gave sincere advice to Apogit Spiker Lim Dong-hyuk, who is in the same position.

In contrast, Murad only sat quietly on the court and took a rest after the match. Murad, who had 52 points in the away match of Hyundai Capital in the fourth round, made public his existence, but failed to stabilize himself due to his ups and downs since then. He has talent for offense, but failed to fully integrate into Korean Air’s play.

However, Coach Tillikainen did not give up on Murad. Murad could not be overlooked as a striker who has the advantage of hitting the ball from above the opponent team’s blocker by banking on his high RBI single from a height of 205 centimeters. Not to mention his monotonous ability to handle high balls, he is an attractive player with high-altitude bombardment, which can cover his shortcomings. Is that why? After the match, Coach Tillikainen talked with Murad for a long time and told him that he needed to make up for his shortcomings, hoping to join him, and the last choice was Murad.

Lincoln is a player who has greatly contributed to Korean Air’s victory in the past two seasons and has helped create the current Korean Air volleyball style, but he left the V-League due to injury. Coach Tillikainen said, “Murad is a player with excellent attack and blocking ability using good physical conditions, and high potential.” 토토사이트