Rumors Of Recruitment Of Key Players

As Nottingham Forest has been disciplined to cut points for violating English Premier League (EPL) financial regulations, the outflow of key players has become inevitable. For Tottenham, who have long sought to recruit Morgan Gibbs-White (24), it is a welcome news.

According to local media including The Bootroom on the 20th, Nottingham has to raise a lot of money by the end of June to avoid violating the Profitability and Sustainability Regulations (PSR). The most effective route is to earn transfer fees through transfer of existing key players.

Earlier, Nottingham was given a four-point cut by the EPL secretariat for violating the PSR. Its ranking, which used to be the Maginot line, has now dropped from 25 points to 21 points, plunging into the 18th place in the relegation zone. The gap is one point shorter than Luton Town (22 points), which is ranking 17th.

Nottingham is known to have exceeded £34.5 million about 58.7 billion won although the PSR standard is 61 million pounds about 103.8 billion won. The PSR amount for the EPL club’s three seasons is 105 million pounds about 187.8 billion won, but Nottingham’s PSR standard was set at 61 million pounds as it belongs to the Championship part 2 in the 2020-21 and 2021-22.

The local prediction is that it will not end up with a cut in points, but may now have to transfer key players. The most realistic way is to cover the funds through the transfer of a player who can expect a lot of transfer fee profits.

Tottenham is keeping an eye on this situation. Gibbs-White, who has long been rumored to be the most valuable player in the market at Nottingham, belongs to the club. Gibbs-White has a market value of 40 million euros 58.2 billion won based on transfer marks.

Originally from Wolverhampton Youth, he is an attacking midfielder who has been playing for Swansea City and Sheffield United since 2022 after making his professional debut for Wolverhampton. He has played for England’s under-16 U-16 youth team and under-21 (U-21) youth team by age. 파워볼사이트 추천

He is still a key player after moving to Nottingham. Last season, he played in 35 matches (34 starts) in the EPL, scoring five goals and eight assists, which is the most points scored in a team’s offense. He has three goals and five assists in 28 matches 26 starts this season as well. As Tottenham is a resource that they have long sought to recruit and has shown some competitiveness in the EPL stage, some predict that they may seek to recruit again, in line with the situation at Nottingham.

Gibbs-White, who was constantly rumored to be transferred to Tottenham, may now be put up for sale in the transfer market, The Bootroom said. He is a player who has already proven his ability, and is known to have been spotted on Tottenham’s radar network for a long time. Gibbs-White could be a strong candidate for Tottenham. “If you come to Tottenham, the attacking midfielder role in which James Maddison plays will be the most suitable, and it is certainly welcome if a competitor is added across all positions.”