Manchester United can’t recruit Kim Min-jae

Jim Ratcliffe has become the new head of Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL). Manchester United fans have great expectations.

Ratcliffe is one of the most prestigious EPL players who has collapsed since Alex Ferguson retired in 2013. Notably, he pledged to change Manchester United. He declared that he would put Manchester United back on top with tremendous investment. He stressed that he would make investments for Manchester United’s development, including infrastructure investments such as building new stadiums and upgrading training grounds.

Ratcliffe said, “In three years, we will break Manchester City and Liverpool, who are leading the league, and Manchester United will regain their place.”

For this reason, many ‘superstars’ have been rumored to be transferred since Ratcliffe’s appointment. The transfer theory reflected the expectation that Ratcliffe would offer a huge transfer fund. There were rumors of a transfer to Kylian Mbappe, and rumors of a transfer to Victor Osimhen are ongoing. There are also hopes that Manchester United can bring in Kim Min-jae, who failed to recruit last season due to lack of money.

However, such hopes have been dashed. Ratcliffe has officially declared. He said he would not recruit any big names. Instead, he revealed his strategy of recruiting young players with high potential and famous stocks to grow them into big players. This means that he will not spend a fortune on recruiting new players. It also means that he will recruit and nurture young players with relatively cheap prices.

Mbappe, Osimhen, and Kim Min-jae, who are already known and recognized as world-class players, are not considered for recruitment. Therefore, rumors that Kim Min-jae will move to Manchester United cannot gain further momentum.

Will this policy be able to capture Manchester City and Liverpool within three years? It is practically impossible to capture them within three years unless they immediately recruit a sense of strength. It is impossible to erase the feeling that Manchester United fans were stabbed in the back by Ratcliffe.

Many British media outlets reported that “Raffcliffe has warned Manchester United fans not to look forward to recruiting big names. Ratcliffe has declared that he will mainly try to recruit players in the youth market.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

In fact, Ratcliffe said on “GT Cycling Club,” “Jude Bellingham? He’s a great soccer player. But that’s not our focus. The solution is not to spend a lot on big names. Manchester United have been doing that for the last 10 years. Buying an Mbappe is not smart. It’s something anyone can do. I will try to sign for the “second Mbappe.”