Kim Min-jae’s career is so twisted

It is news that Antonio Conte has been nominated for Bayern Munich’s next head coach.

Bayern is attempting again to recruit Conte, Italian La Repubblica said on Wednesday. Conte is Bayern’s first target. Conte was contacted a few months ago, and although it is a priority, negotiations are still difficult.

Currently, Bayern is struggling to find a head coach to succeed Thomas Tuchel. Originally, Bayer Leverkusen coach Xavi Alonso emerged as a strong candidate. Bayern and Alonso are known to have made initial contacts.

Florian Flettenberg, a Bundesliga expert at Sky Sports in Germany, said in February, “Alonso is the most preferred replacement for Tuchel by all Bayern leaders. More discussions will take place soon.”

However, there are other clubs that have been approached to coach Alonso. It is Liverpool, where Jurgen Klopp is leaving. Currently, both clubs are making all-out efforts to appoint Alonso, and Bayern seems to be looking for several coaches in case Alonso fails to be appointed.

One of them is presumed to be Conte. Surprisingly, this is not the first time Conte has been linked to Bayern. Christian Polk, who is working as a reporter for Germany’s Sport Bild in February, said on his social media account on the 19th, “According to our information, Conte has named Bayern as his dream club for his next career. He considers Bayern one of the top three clubs in Europe. Conte, who won the Premier League (EPL) with Chelsea and the Serie A with Inter Milan and Juventus in Italy, is also aiming for the German Bundesliga trophy.”

Conte has been a superstar since his playing days. After success as a coach at Juventus, he became a major coach. After winning the league titles at Chelsea and Inter Milan, he began to be considered the best in Europe.

As everyone knows, however, his previous performance was disappointing. Conte, who took the helm of Tottenham during the 2021-2022 season, led Tottenham to fourth place in the league by banking on Son and Harry Kane. In the process, Son enjoyed his best season by becoming the top scorer in the Premier League.

The club also provided a lot of support to Conte as he was recognized as the right man to escape Tottenham’s spectatorship, but the result was the worst. Conte began to fit the players’ abilities into his tactics. Amid the change in Conte’s tactics, the scapegoat was Son Heung-min. Conte implemented a frustrating tactic in which he deployed the EPL top scorer as a midfielder.

Conte had a problem with not being able to communicate properly with Tottenham’s players and club staff. Then, he crossed the line with a public statement criticizing the club and the team, and parted with Tottenham as it was. Since then, he has been enjoying his time by spending time with his family.

Conte was connected to Napoli and AC Milan along the way, but refused, saying he does not want to take the helm during the season. Bayern Munich is in the best circumstances that Conte wants because he can take the helm immediately upon Tuchel’s departure. Conte has also expressed his desire to return to a team with a brilliant winning history. Few clubs in the world have more decorated trophy cases than Bayern.

There are two things that worry about Conte’s compatibility with Bayern. First, it’s a tactic. Bayern is a team that has traditionally used the 4-2-3-1 formation. Even if the coach changed continuously, the framework of the 4-2-3-1 formation did not change. Conte is a believer in the 3-4-3 formation. We need to narrow the tactical gap between the team and the coach.

Another is his performance in the European competition. Although Conte is considered a masterstroke, his weakness is the European competition. He has many league trophies, but he has often failed to show his competitive edge in cup competitions including the European competition. As Bayern Munich wants results beyond winning the league title, Conte may not be suitable for the team. 안전놀이터

If you simply look at the sum with Kim Min-jae, there will be no big worries. Conte prefers players with clear skills in defense. Any team has used a center back with clear ability. He is also the coach who knows how serious Eric Dier’s ability to push out Kim Min-jae is.