Men’s Volleyball FA Market Opens

The Korea Volleyball Federation KOVO announced the list of 17 free agents FA for men on Thursday. The seven men’s teams are free to hold free agent negotiations for two weeks from Friday to Sunday.

In this FA market, semi-class players poured in along with veterans.

Veteran setter Han, who led Korean Air to its fourth consecutive win in a row, became the fourth FA in his career. The most FA contracted player in the men’s division is Yeo Oh-hyun, the playing coach of Hyundai Capital, who signed a total of five contracts 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2022.

Han currently has the highest pay 1.08 billion won, annual salary of 750 million won, and option of 330 million won in both men’s and women’s divisions.

In addition to Han, outside heater Cha Ji-hwan of OK Financial Group, main setter Kim Myung-kwan of Hyundai Capital, outside heater Lee Si-mon of KEPCO, and middle blocker Jeon Jin-sun of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance were also on the market.

The men’s team will operate a “FA grade system” that changes compensation system based on last season’s annual salary. Group A will pay more than 250 million won per year, Group B will pay less than 250 million won per year, and Group C will pay less than 100 million won per year.

The club that recruits a player from Group A can compensate the original team with 200% of the player’s annual salary for the entire season and one person excluding five protected players, including FA recruited players, or 300% of the annual salary.

When recruiting FA players from Group B and Group C, they only need to pay compensation. In order to recruit FA players from Group B and Group C, players from Group B must pay 300 percent of their entire annual salary, and 150 percent of their entire annual salary to the original team.

Of the 17 players, Group A has only five players, Han, Cha Ji-hwan, Kim Myung-kwan, Isimon, and Noh Jae-wook Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

The remaining 12 people are Group B, including Oh Eun-ryul Korean Air, Jung Sung-kyu Woori Card, Boo Yong-chan OK Financial Group, Cha Young-seok Hyundai Capital, Kim Kwang-guk Korea Electric Power Corporation, Shin Jang-ho, Son Tae-hoon, Son Hyun-jong, Jeon Jin-sun Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Kim Hong-jeong, Korean Min, and Hong Sang-hyuk KB Insurance.

This year, the men’s FA market has a lot of players from Group B instead of Group A, so the transfer of players is expected to be more than before. 스포츠토토