Figure skater Cha Jun-hwan ranks second in Shanghai Trophy…

Korean figure men’s singles standout Cha Jun-hwan (Korea University) finished second in the Challenger competition, which he took part in to check his fitness.

Cha scored 81.48 technical elements (TES), 81.58 artistic elements (PCS) and a total of 163.06 points in the men’s single free skate at the International Ice Skating Union (ISU) 2023 Shanghai Trophy in Shanghai, China, on 5 February.

Combined with his 91.80 points from the short programme earlier in the day, Cha’s final score of 254.86 points put him in second place, 27.94 points behind leader Adam Xiao Himpa (FRA – 282.80).

Cha competed in last week’s Nepella Memorial and this event to warm up before competing in the second and fifth ISU Senior Grand Prix of the 2023-2024 season, finishing sixth and second respectively.

Cha started his performance with a bang, landing his first jumping task, a quadruple salco-triple toeloop combination jump, cleanly to earn a GOE of 3.30.

However, the second task, a quadruple toe-loop, was treated as a double toe-loop due to insufficient rotation, resulting in a 0.36 GOE deduction, and the quadruple salco was underrotated (the jump’s rotation was more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees), resulting in a 0.93 GOE deduction.

After landing her flying camel spin at the highest level of difficulty, a level 4, Cha completed her triple lutz cleanly and earned a level 4 for her step sequence to close out the first half of her performance.

In the second half, which carries a 10 per cent bonus, he landed a triple axel-double axel-double axel sequence jump for a GOE of 1.44.

However, the subsequent jump was treated as a single axel and no points were awarded, and the triple flip-triple loop combination jump was docked a GOE of 1.17 points for attitude (caution on the edge).

Cha, who executed her change foot combination spin as a level 4 and connected it with a correo sequence, finished her performance with a level 3 for her final task, a flying change foot combination spin. 안전놀이터