Eager to stay at PSG despite Real interest, Discussing a 3-year contract extension

His loyalty to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was strong.

“Archraf Hakimi (25) recently started negotiating with PSG to renew his contract despite Real Madrid’s interest.”

Hakimi is mentioned as the world’s best right-back. With solid defense and sharp crosses, Hakimi has proudly risen to the rank of world class.

Records support this. Hakimi proved her worth by scoring five goals and six assists in 39 matches in all tournaments last season. It was enough to be considered one of the core players of PSG.

He has displayed outstanding performances in this season as well. He scored four goals and five assists in all competitions in 30 games. The prevailing view is that he will set a better record than the previous season.

It has established itself as an indispensable member of the Moroccan national team. Hakimi, who has played a total of 72 A-match games since 2016, also played four games in the Africa Cup of Nations last month.

Real Madrid’s consistent performance was also spotted on Real’s radar network. Real, which is likely to recruit Kylian Mbappe (25) this summer, reportedly even put Hakimi on the list of potential recruitment candidates.

The possibility of a transfer could not be ruled out. Hakimi is well known as a member of the Real Youth Team. As a player who understands Real’s philosophy better than anyone else, he is expected to be positive for his return to his old team.

It was just a rumor that surfaced. According to the latest report, Hakimi is aware that his contract with PSG is still two years away, and has never expressed intention to leave the team.

He is planning a long-term future. “Hakimi and PSG are discussing a two to three-year contract extension in negotiations,” Le Parisien said. 토토사이트