Arizona’s Charlie Casino Reveals Bingo Millions Mega Progressive

Arizona Charlie announced today that the world’s first and only $1 million Linked Bingo Progressive, offered by gaming provider Gaming Arts, was introduced to players on Jan. 2 at Arizona Charlie’s Boulder and Arizona Charlie’s Decatur Bingo Rooms. Two Arizona Charlie’s Casino join the Plaza Hotel and Casino as Las Vegas’ only bingo rooms offering amazing mega-progressive bingo games.

Players can earn a $1,000 Bingo Millions Mega Progressive jackpot by achieving a cover roll pattern with no more than 47 ball calls and various small jackpots of up to $250,000. Bingo Millions Mini Mega Progressive offers $100,000 jackpots by achieving a cover roll pattern on no more than 47 ball calls with a variety of small jackpots of up to $10,000. Players have many chances to win one or both of the Bingo Millions games by playing multiple card faces for a low price of $4. The Bingo Millions game can be played once per session.

Another bingo game on offer at Arizona’s Charlie Casino is the Super Spin Double Dab Multi-Win. By achieving cover on 34 or fewer ball calls, players wheel on mobile tablets for prizes of up to $50,000.

Most recently, an Oklahoma woman won $100,000 during a bingo game at the Goldsby Gaming Center, and before that, a Pennsylvania resident won $250,000 during a Super Coverall Bingo game at Seneca Gaming and Entertainment – Salamanca Casino in New York. Earlier this year, an Arizona man won a huge $10,000,000 bingo prize for his birthday at Arizona’s Ron Burt Casino. Over the past five years, nearly $15,000 in life-changing jackpots have been given to players across the country through gaming art’s bingo game. 온라인 슬롯