Veikkaus Appoints Andreas Reimblad Vice President Of Sports Betting Amid Gambling Reform

Veikkaus Oy has a new vice president of sports betting after Andreas Reimblad, a former sportsbook director at Kindred Group, joined the ranks of Finnish state-owned game operators describing them as “one of the most important striker contracts in the very long history of Veikkaus betting.”

Veikkaus Welcomes Andreas Reimblad As VP Of Sports Betting:

An experienced professional, Andreas has an impressive track record in the international sports betting industry, managing complex betting platforms and operating in multiple regulatory markets. The company expects him to be a game changer and is excited to join him in helping shape the future of Veikkaus betting.

“I’m excited to be part of Veikkaus’ journey,” Andreas shared. “The potential for Veikkaus to enter the global stage aligns well with my experience across multiple markets. I want to contribute my knowledge to this exciting journey. Veikkaus has a reputation that is respected in the industry among operators and suppliers, so the transition time feels perfect.”

“Andreas provides exceptional international expertise in betting business, operations, development, and continued improvement of player experience,” said Jarkko Nordlund, EVP of sports betting and online gaming. “It’s great to have an international professional to strengthen Veikkaus’s business.”

The new appointment roughly coincides with Rimblad’s resignation as director of Kindred Group’s sportsbook in June 2024 after more than a decade at a European online gambling company. The announcement was confirmed in a LinkedIn post by Veikkaus, where Rimblad began his new role on July 1.

Rimblad’s tenure at Kindred included three and a half years as a sportsbook director. Prior to that, he held several development positions in the vertical field. He also had a stint as a betting and bingo product manager at IGT, and another stint at Kindred during his Unibet years.

Finland is preparing for gambling market reform:

The appointment came as the Finnish government released a draft proposal to re-regulate gambling in Finland with the aim of opening the country’s online market and ending existing monopolies. The draft outlines how the market will develop, with the government planning to complete consultations by mid-August. The final bill will be submitted for parliamentary approval during the spring session in 2025.

If approved, operators will be able to start applying for licenses in the first quarter of 2026. Veikkaus will retain its exclusive rights to sports betting and online casino operations through the fourth quarter of 2026. It will then be divided into two companies, one of which will continue to operate its exclusive rights to lotteries and land-based games and the other of which will compete in the online market. 카지노사이트

The Finnish government’s proposal marks a significant change in the gambling environment in the country, paving the way for a more competitive market. Veikkaus is positioning itself to adapt to these changes, and adding Reimblad as vice president of Sports Betting is a strategic move to ensure the company’s future success in the restructured market.