Citizens and Early Soccer, Son Heung-min is a hot topic overseas

Son Heung-min 32, Tottenham’s “early participation in football” is a hot topic overseas.

“Son Heung-min really participated in the Korean amateur game for nothing, just for fun,” the soccer content production company “433” said on the 8th.

Son made a surprise visit to Suji Sports Park in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province on the evening of the 5th. Son Heung-min played against a soccer team of ordinary people along with fellow goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu 34, Al Shabaab.

Whenever Son takes a break in Korea after the end of the season, he often visits a soccer field or a futsal field and kicks the ball lightly with the general public. Last year, Son made headlines by showing himself enjoying futsal with the general public through his YouTube channel.
The same applies to this year. Son appeared at Achasan Futsal Stadium in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on April 27, drawing keen attention from fans. Then, he appeared at Suji Sports Park with Kim Seung-gyu and kicked the ball himself at 8 p.m.

News of Son Heung-min’s appearance spread quickly through the Internet community. To see him, a huge number of people visited Suji Sports Park. It was a bit late, but about 2,000 people reportedly visited the site to see Son Heung-min. He was even spotted flying a drone to capture Son Heung-min on camera.
433 shed light on Son Heung-min hanging out with citizens without feeling rejected. In the video posted by 433, Son Heung-min was dribbling while playing rather seriously.

In response, fans expressed surprise at Son Heung-min’s appearance through comments such as “a player loved by rival team fans,” “one of the few players who doesn’t like anyone,” and “a really humble player.” 토토사이트 순위
Meanwhile, Son’s encounter with the fans was not just beautiful. As many fans flocked to such a small space, there were concerns over his safety. Some fans did not hesitate to take risky actions, such as climbing the fence due to his greed to see Son up close. Reportedly, hundreds of fans jumped into the stadium. Eventually, police and firefighters who were dispatched after receiving a report were in control of the scene.