The reward for a ‘three-week training camp’?

Three weeks of training camp and plenty of rest: the difference in focus and stamina.

The LG Twins pulled off a dramatic come-from-behind 5-4 win in Game 2 of the Korean Series against the KT Wiz on Aug. 8.

Oh Ji-hwan’s home run in the bottom of the sixth inning ignited a slumping mood. In the bottom of the seventh, Kim Hyun-soo’s RBI single cut the deficit to 3-4 and one run. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Park Dong-won’s comeback blast against Park Young-hyun, the ‘Iron Wall’.

The KBO operates a tiered playoff system rather than a tournament. The biggest advantage for the first-place team in the regular season is rest.

The postseason starts with the wild card game. 먹튀검증 Both the semi-playoffs and playoffs have a maximum of five games.

The first-place team gets plenty of rest. It’s a chance to check your body for lingering injuries and build up your stamina for the Korean Series.

LG even clinched the regular season title early on October 3. LG head coach Yeom Kyung-yup rested some players quickly, including Choi Won-tae.

LG’s regular season ended on October 15 against Doosan.

The team began a three-week training camp. He also explained that the team will use the experience to select members for next year’s spring training. It was not only a preparation camp for the Korean Series, but also a wrap-up camp. Afterward, the team played two exhibition games against Cheongbaeik and a scrimmage against Sangmu.

As the number of postseason games increases, batters get tired just as much as pitchers, and their hitting goes up and down. This was the case for the NC Dinos, who showed off their bats and then quickly gave up a reverse sweep and fell short in the playoffs.

On the other hand, the No. 1 team’s biggest weapon heading into the Korean Series is its pitching staff. A well-rested ace and closer can overwhelm tired hitters.

It didn’t go as well as expected, perhaps due to the pressure of dreaming of winning their first title in 29 years. However, the difference was already evident in the middle of the second game.

Despite losing the first game, LG fans returned to Jamsil Stadium for the second game on the 8th.

For the second day in a row, Yugwang Jamba filled the room. Yellow LG Twins cheerleading towels rippled throughout the away section on the third base side.

Choi Won-tae, who was brought in as the “championship pitcher,” fell apart after just ⅓ inning. He took over as the No. 2 starter after the departure of Adam Plutko. While Lee Joo-hyung, who was acquired in a trade for Kiwoom, was flying with a 3-for-3, six-homer, 0.911 OPS, the team waited to see what Choi would do in the Korean Series. However, fans were completely betrayed.

Still, LG had cards to play. The bullpen, which boasted that it had eight reliable pitchers.

Manager Yoon Kyung-yup unleashed a torrential downpour. Lee Jung-yong in the first inning, Jung Woo-young in the third, Kim Jin-sung in the fourth, Baek Seung-hyun and Yoo Young-chan in the fifth, and Ham Deok-joo in the eighth. This was in contrast to KT, which had been sustained by the Son-Dong-hyun-Park duo since the playoffs. Go Woo-seok made up for the previous day’s failure with a neat finish. This was the point where LG overcame the disappointment of the early series and found the reward of being the No. 1 team in the regular season.

As a catcher, Park Dong-won had the unique experience of facing eight pitchers in one game.

“In the regular season, I had to pitch against them, but today they all pitched well. We didn’t give up a run after the first inning because the pitchers were focused,” he reflected.

“The bullpen pitchers have different styles. For example, there are different changeups that work well after the fastball,” he said. “It’s probably not easy for the hitters because they have to face new pitchers all the time. I’m comfortable picking my pitches,” he laughed.