Ghaziwara’s walls were high… Badminton’s Rowing Swimmer Wins Para AG Silver

South Korean badminton sensation Yoo Soo-soo (Sport Class WH2-Korea Disability Employment Service) was held off by world No. 1 Daiki Kajiwara of Japan to win a silver medal at the Hangzhou 2022 Para Asian Games.

Yoo lost 0-2 (15-21 9-21) to Kajiwara in the men’s badminton singles final at the Games at Binjiang Gymnasium in Hangzhou, East China’s Zhejiang Province on Sunday.

Yoo, who had not dropped a single set to his opponent in five matches, including the three qualifying matches and the quarterfinals and semifinals, was unable to overcome his “nemesis” on the day.

The world No. 5 had faced Gajwara 12 times before this day, losing all 12, and on this day, she was brought to her knees without winning a single set.

The first set started with Yusuf on serve, with Kajiwara breaking away and Yusuf following right back.

Trailing 6-9, Yoo rattled off five straight points using a variety of attack routes, 온라인카지노 including clears, drop shots and smashes, and capitalizing on her opponent’s mistakes to pull away.

But Kajiwara was not done fighting back.

With Yoo’s strokes hitting the net or going out of bounds, Gajiwara scored eight straight points to quickly take the lead, and Yoo dropped the first set 15-21.

At the start of the second set, Yusuf and Gajiwara seemed to be in a dead heat as they traded points, each with a powerful smash and a clear down the line.

However, Yoo then dropped seven points on her opponent to send the match into a sharp turn.

Gajwara’s attack, which mainly targeted the back boundary line, hit all corners of the court with precise strokes, and Yoo was unable to muster much of an effort, finishing the match 9-21.

In her first appearance at the Para Asian Games, Yoo won bronze in the men’s doubles with Lee Sam-seop (Sport Class WH2-Ulsan Jung-gu Office) and mixed doubles with Kwon Hyun-ah (Sport Class WH1-Korea Disability Employment Corporation).

With her silver medal, Yoo has now won a total of three medals (silver, bronze, and two bronze) in all the events she competed in at the Games, setting her sights on next year’s Paralympic Games in Paris.

Meanwhile, the men’s doubles team of Kim Jung-jun (WH2-Daegu Urban Development Corporation) and Choi Jung-man (WH1-Daegu Urban Development Corporation) lost 0-2 (15-21 16-21) to China’s Zhu Zimo and Maizhenfeng to take home the silver medal. 바카라사이트