Seo Kyung-deok “Thailand’s famous record label sends email protesting ‘kamikaze’ name”

SEOUL, Jan. 1 (Yonhap) – Seo Kyung-duk, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, said on Monday that he sent a protest email to a major Thai record label after receiving a report from a group of people living in Thailand that the label’s name is “Kamikaze.” The record label has 11 million subscribers on YouTube,” Seo said on social media .The kamikaze were Japanese self-destructive commandos who flew bomb-laden fighters into enemy warships at the end of World War II. “This could instill 온라인카지노 a false sense of history in Thailand’s young people,” Seo wrote in an email, referring to Japan’s controversial 2014 attempt to inscribe the suicide notes of kamikaze pilots as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He also cited the case of Telegram’s renaming of the kamikaze emoji in the past .Late last year, a Japanese soccer fan was seen cheering at a World Cup stadium in Qatar with a T-shirt bearing the kamikaze characters, prompting a complaint to FIFA to prevent a repeat.