Relax set to splash cash in new slot Bill & Coin

Relax Gaming, an iGaming aggregator and unique content provider, started the year with another attractive release, Bill & Coin.

Led by two memorable money-themed mascots, Bill and Coin, players can earn up to 10,000 times the stake with three lucrative features to choose from: Coin Track, Multiplier Ladder, and Sure Win.

The coin track starts with four coins in the coin track surrounding the game reel. During each spin, a player can land an enhancer, collect symbols, and rotate again, which can give value to every coin in the track, collect value from every coin, or provide an extra spin without moving the coins.

The multiplier ladder sees players start on the ladder with five spins and one multiplier. After each win, the multiplier grows in size by up to 500 times between spins. For every five bonus symbols that land, a player receives an additional five spins.

A solid win feature allows a player to start with five spins and confirm a solid win between 0.2 and 50 times. When a player registers multiple wins on a spin, the accumulated win multiplier multiplies a solid win. After the spin is over, a solid win remains active against the next spin.

In addition to the three bonus features, a multiplier that can reach up to five times the number of wins during the basic gameplay is applied. 슬롯머신사이트

Shelly Hanna, CP of Relax Gaming, said, “We’re off to a strong start to the year with a really memorable title that features two lovely characters cheering for the players.

“This fantastic way of winning 4,096 slots not only gives players a trio of money-making bonus rounds to choose from, but it could also lead to a whopping 10,000-fold victory.”