The ballpark with the fewest home runs in the KBO this year is Busan Sajik Stadium, the home of the Lotte Giants .Busan’s Sajik Stadium hit a total of 63 home runs during the 2023 season, two fewer than Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome (65), home of the Kiwoom Heroes. The reason for the lack of home runs at Sajik is simple. The structure is one of the most difficult to cross in the league .Former Lotte manager Sung Min-kyu raised the fences at Sajik Stadium from 4.8 meters to 6 meters ahead of the 2022 season, while also moving home plate to the back of the field, moving the distance from the left and right fences from 95 meters to 95.8 meters and the center field fence from 118 meters to 120.5 meters. The move was made in response to the fact that the team’s batters were not good at hitting home runs due to their lack of long balls, and the mound was designed to give up home runs to opposing batters.

The outfield fence at Sajik Stadium, nicknamed “Seongdamjang” because of the initiative of former team president Seong, is expected to remain in place for the time being, even though the people have left.A Lotte team official said, “It would be a big deal to pull up home plate or take down the fence again. It’s difficult to remove it right now.” Judging by the home run income statement, the high fence at Sajik Stadium has clearly separated “friend from foe” this year. The total number of home runs hit by Lotte batters at Sajik 카지노사이트킹 Stadium was 36, while Lotte pitchers gave up 27.