Ohtani FA, I understand that the Dodgers are the No. 1 $600 million + α, who wants to challenge? ‘There are two teams’

“Ottani is the Dodgers’ top target.”

Shohei Otani (LA Angels) is increasingly likely to change his uniform in the 2023-2024 FA market. The LA Angels did not trade Ohtani and volunteered to buy him, but their performance in the second half was disastrous. The Angels are 59-61 and seventh in the American League wild card race. It was seven games behind the third-place Toronto Blue Jays.

Fansaid said on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) that the team that is leading the recruitment of Ohtani is also the Dodgers. Rumors that the Dodgers will send a love call to Ohtani with a bundle of around $600 million seem to be solidifying.

ESPN recalls that when Otani signed with the Angels through the U.S.-Japan posting system, the losers were the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and Chicago Cubs in addition to the Dodgers.

And the fansaid introduced two late Dodgers players. San Francisco and its original team, Angels. Angels. The New York Mets seem to have been completely eliminated, and at this point, U.S. media’s analysis and prospects continue to flow that the club chasing the Dodgers is San Francisco. In particular, some predicted that San Francisco will recruit Lee Jung-hoo, who will enter the Major League through the Korea-U.S. Posting System after this season.

Fansaid, “San Francisco craved a star in the FA market a year ago. He strongly pursued Aaron Judge, who renewed his contract with the New York Yankees. “I turned my attention to Carlos Correa (Minota Twins) and agreed to a $350 million contract, but I had to watch him sign with Minnesota when he failed to pass the medical test,” he said.

It even predicted that San Francisco had enough live ammunition to recruit Otani. Fansaid said, “I’m trying to forget the pain of failing to sign with Jersey and Correa by recruiting Otani.” However, San Francisco seems to have to offer Otani some conditions that they are better than the Dodgers.

He briefly explained another Dodgers latecomer Angels mentioned by Fanside. “If the Angels don’t renew their contract with Otani, they get a draft pick when he signs with another team. He is not a major league player or several promising players. This will be a systematic failure and will be aimed at the shoulders of the owner of Arte Moreno,” he said.

In other words, if the Angels fail to catch Ohtani in the FA market, moreno’s owner will be responsible, so they will unconditionally run to Ohtani. 스포츠토토