2nd place in strikeouts and many wins ‘Bad Boy’ Bauer 9 wins – 115 strikeouts, “The goal is to win the Sawamura Award with 15 wins”

Bauer started against Yakult on the 15th.

He’s already in second place with multiple wins and strikeouts.

Yokohama BayStars right-hander Trevor Bauer (32) won his ninth (3 losses) victory of the season. He started the away game against Yakutr Swallows at Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo on the 15th, allowing three runs in seven innings and becoming a winning pitcher.

He threw 109 pitches against 28 batters, giving up eight hits and striking out four. It has won three consecutive games since the match against the Chunichi Dragons on July 27.

As the season deepens, it looks like a Cy Young Award winner. He threw more than 100 pitches in all five past games until the match against Yakult on the 15th, making quality start plus (more than seven innings and less than three earned runs).

He had a 1.18 ERA in five games and 38 innings. In the match against Hiroshima on August 3, he blocked 113 pitches until the 10th inning of extra time.

Left-hander Imana is Yokohama’s ace along with Shota.

He overcame the initial crisis well. After two outs in the top of the first inning, Yakult No. 3 Tetsuto Yamada hit a mid-month triple, but he struck out No. 4 Murakami Munetaka with a swing.

In the top of the second inning, foreign hitters Domingo Santana and Jose Osuna hit back-to-back hits. He overcame the crisis of losing points with runners on first and second base with no outs. He led Uchiyama Soma to a ground ball to third base and connected it to a double play. He then struck out Takeoka Ryosei with a swing and took a breather.

In the top of the sixth inning, he eventually gave up an additional run. He sent two batters in a row to the samurai. Daiki Hamada gave up consecutive timely hits to Jose Santana and allowed two runs.

Double-digit wins are on the verge of the rookie season. “Ten is a very good number,” Bauer said. But I want to win more than 15 games. “My goal is to win the Sawamura Prize,” he said.

He stood tall as a foreign pitcher representing the Central League. A foreign pitcher in Yokohama won more than 9 games

It is said to be the third time in six years. In addition, it is the first time in 20 years that he has struck out more than 115 since 2003. 토토사이트